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Hello Visitors !! How are you all !!

I’m Vijay Kumar Goyal (Also known as Mr. Chaudhary) from Rajasthan, India. I’m the founder of Technology Depot and an active Freelancer at Upwork where i used to serve the clients for Various SEO activities. I’ve more than 4 years experience in SEO with strong knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and Blogging.

The Blog Technology Depot is started with the intention of spreading the knowledge of technology around us. I am very interesting person towards learning technology and mostly spend my time with technology Gadgets. I also like reading new technology articles and if i get something informational, i always try to learn it.

About my Nature Specialty, I’m little emotional with quite handy nature and try to please my dear ones. At my work, I always eager to learn more from my Leaders and implement with my daily work. At Upwork, I try my best to meet my client’s expectation.

I work as a Freelancer also participate for technical work in Government Sector. I mostly keep myself busy at Internet and hardly try to get some time for my Off-Timing activity of reading.  I like the person who is of friendly nature. Sometimes, I think, I  cam manage time to meet my Friends and have some Gupshup and socialize myself.


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    1. Whenever you would put the IMEI number of the object (Lost mobile phone) then the software will operate this IMEI number to get the information available.

      Now BTS and MSC are used to identify the signals coming from the lost device. this information can be shown by the software.

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