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How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Digital Marketing?


Artificial intelligence is taking the business world by storm. For your information, John McCarthy is known as the “Father of Artificial Intelligence”. AI is capable to perform nearly all the tasks that human can do like learning, visual perception, recognizing speech, translating languages, and decision making. AI can perform multiple tasks in a fraction of second, more accurately. Marketing is not exception of this.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing


It has been many years since marketing automation replaced traditional digital marketing activities. Today marketers are increasingly using marketing automation tools and technologies to automate their work and reduce manual effort. It is the beginning of the future of marketing where marketers use artificial intelligence to better understand, connect, and create great experiences. Artificial intelligence helps marketers analyze the behaviour pattern of consumers through a huge volume of data and information.

The tech giant Google leverages deep machine learning to make search engines understand humans’ behavioral pattern and provide them with relevant information. Being able to get buyers’ personal data through AI, digital marketers forecast the buyers’ needs and engage their targeted audience in a much better way. Below are the few important areas of digital marketing where artificial intelligence can make a huge impact:

Major Areas Where Digital Marketing Can Make Impact

  1. Website Development: Do you have a plan to develop your own website? Think nowhere. You can do it yourself. That’s the power of artificial intelligence. AI-powered technology that is provided with inputs like content, images, page layout and other required information, can develop a website within minutes. With a small set of technical skills or without, you can do this. The idea of developing a website within a short span of time is fantabulous. But this is still in nurturing stage, let’s wait and see how far it will evolve.
  1. Targeting Right Customers: Targeting the right customers on the web world has been easy since web analytics like Google Analytics that is powered by artificial intelligence enabled this. The latest technologies in artificial intelligence add an additional capability to the existing technologies. Artificial Intelligence can penetrate into a huge amount of data that is available across various sources of the internet, and digital marketers can use the same data to target the right audiences through segmentation and according to the demographics like age, gender, interests, income, education, and profession etc.
  1. Chatbots: Though chatbots are not exactly a digital marketing channel, they are deployed on digital platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram. Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots help customers find their desired products and solve their queries through chat interactions, without being helped by anybody.

Many leading consumer-centric businesses have developed their own chatbots. Taco Bell’s TacoBot help customers choose their preferred menus and order food online within a minute. So there is an increased demand for mobile app development companies or chatbot development companies who develop good quality chatbots.

Conclusion: Yes, AI has been changing the way how marketing has been done. Forward-thinking marketers are increasingly ardent to automate their marketing efforts to achieve a first-mover advantage.

Guest Post By: Namratha is a Technical content writer at USM Business Systems – USM is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and global IT services and staffing company in USA. USM provide services on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial Automation and Big Data Analytics.


3 thoughts on “How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Digital Marketing?

  1. It’s true that artificial intelligence has been replacing the Online Marketing NZ the way in past the google analytics is a tool which is used to target the right customers and now a days the technology is replaced by the artificial intelligence which can penetrate a huge amount of data in front of the users.

  2. Yes, I agree with this, AI has been changing the way how marketing has been done. Forward-thinking marketers are increasingly ardent to automate their marketing efforts to achieve a first-mover advantage.

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