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What is CDN? Its Importance in Website Content Delivering!!

Introduction to CDN:

CDN Server Introduction
CDN Server Introduction

Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network shortly named as CDN is the geographically distributed network of the servers that serves the cached content to end users with their geographical location. It contains thousands of server with multiple copies of the same content making possible the same content delivery to a number of end user across globe requesting the same content, making a very effective and reliable web performance. It caches static content from the website like text, Script files, Images, CSS and other static files.

Working of CDN:

CDN is very effective server that uses CDN management server to dynamically locate the nearest server to the client that request a web query. This eliminates the content travelling distance along with number if hops used by data packets. Let we understand it clearly.

CDN Server
Working of CDN Server

Suppose the user visit a website. It is redirected to website’s host server locate at central location. So every user that visit to a website is accessing the central server to visit the web. Now when there is a huge number of users to that website, it would overload the server and website would respond very slowly and might cause the server crash. Here CDN can be used to solve this issue. As it is the network of the servers geographically located, content is cached and stored on all the servers. Now when the visitors comes to a website and redirected to Central Server i.e. original server, it redirect that request to user location’s closest server and thus enhance the website performs by fast loading and avoiding server crash and improving packet loss along with time saving and faster performance. It saves the bandwidth and improve the user experience. This also helps in the case of internet attack and junction fault by keeping the content safe on all other servers.

Advantages of CDN:

There are a number of benefits using CDN. It is the like a server nearest the user that responds very fast and saves user efforts. there are many such points that would lead you to necessity of CDN for your website.

There are following advantages:

  1. Improving the Website Speed: Rather than requesting the content from one server for several users, it is better to use the server serving the users based on their geographical position. It helps in improving website loading time as well as server responding time.
  2. Crash Resistance: There might be a situation when original server may receive a huge number of requests and suspended while responding them all. While using CDN, one server only get the request of users from nearly graphically locations thus reduce a huge load and improve the server resistance from being crash.
  3. Improving User Experience: As CDN reduce the loading time and server crash, it improve the user experience and serve all the user effectively. It helps a website by getting a huge no of visitors and better traffic.
  4. SEO Optimization: As Google always appreciate a website having very less loading time and huge no of visitors and a lot of traffic. It also helps in website promotion.

What should be known about CDN?

If you are going to have a CDN network for your website, you should first know that:

  1. Is it necessary to have a CDN for your web? As if you are having local users and hosting locally, then you need not to have any CDN.
  2. While choosing the CDN for your website, you first know where your users are.
  3. How much traffic you get with your content adding plan? Do you add less content per month, then you need not to have CDN.
  4. Does you run Mobile website? Don’t go for CDN.

Conclusion: CDN improves the time taken by the host server to receive, process and deliver the content. CDN helps in saving bandwidth and improve user experience. It helps in ranking a website on search engine and load the content fast. CDN market has been very competitive so CDN is must be adopted by websites that offer too much service globally.

Posted by:  Vijay Kumar Goyal


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