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Copy and Paste a Text from the Image on the Web


We generally see that if we want to save the text from the image we see, it usually saves as image and we have to write the text or transcribes it. But what if you can copy and paste nay text you see on image on the web and translate it into any language as well. Good to know that there is one awesome browser extension names Project Naptha developed by Kevin Kwok. If you have this extension on your browser, then you will see that you can select the text form any image you found on web and paste it anywhere.

What it is?

It is a complete text detection suite that is crammed into browser as extension. It is based on OCR functionality that first optimizes the image for the block of text. Sometimes text is layered with many backgrounds and in such case the text need to be fist optimized. For this, Stroke Width Transform (SWT) is used.

It is not an easy task because you have to do OCR on every image on the page and so it is little expensive task.

How it works:

Once you have optimized the text, you just have to select the text on the image and have to right click and select the ‘Copy text’. As soon as you would copy the text, you text would parceled up and a running open-source Ocrad OCR engine server would translate your selected text and then you would have digitized text and then you can paste it anywhere. There are many Google’s much-more-advanced Tesseract engine that may be selected from the language menu.

What is beyond?


Not only, you can copy and paste the text but you can also change the language of the text on the image you want. With the translate menu, you can choose any of the language and then copy and paste without worrying about the Google translator. Not only this, but you can even the change the language the image text by removing the original text form the image and re-attempting to match the fonts for the translated text. For this, the Naptha uses ‘Inpainting’ function.


Conclusion: With Naptha extension, you can make your browser little more JavaScript enabled and then use this awesome functionality. It may help for those who don’t have time to type. Suppose, you got an error message in an image that you can’t type so fast but have to let know to your assistant fast then it can help you in just copying the text fast.


Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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