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Stay Anonymous and Protected with your Privacy Online

Protected with your Privacy
Protected with your Privacy

The privacy on internet is very important and concerning matter that you look for every time. Tracking your movement on internet by Advertisers make you bother and risky with your profile security. This serious concern prompts you to apply for many tricks and tips to ensure your privacy. These steps help you in protecting your identity online and keep you secure.


protecting your identity online
protecting your identity online

Methods need to be applied:

There are some methods that may help you in protecting yourself and providing the best security. Some of these are little hard but to ensure protection, you can apply for them.

  1. Third Party Cookies: It is the most used method to track your identity and knowing your browsing habits. This type of method usually used by advertiser to monitor the pages. With the turn off service of most of the browser, you can make them unable to find your identity.
  2. Location Data: Some websites you surf use the location data to provide you the local services and advertisement. This is generally for a specific purpose but you may not know what information of your identity is being used against you. So it is better if you have ‘off’ this in your browser or you can put it as ‘prompt me when necessary’ option.It is also good if you use Proxies or VPN server that would help you in hiding your IP and location as well.
  1. Plugin Access: Sometimes, you install some plugins into your browser and allow them to access your computer. This also may harm your identity. So you just have to turn off your un-sandboxed plugin access.
  2. Do not Track: In your browser setting, you would find an option of ‘Don’t Track’ message option that your browser would send to servers. With this, you can ensure your identity.
  3. Java Script Blocking: Along with a very good language, Java Script is able to leak your identity by delivering the information of plug-ins you have installed and some small information. It may leak your identity to advertiser and intruders. It is benefiting that you dis-able JavaScript. With browser extension of ‘No Script’ and ‘Script safe ’, you can manage the JavaScript run permission for desired website.
  4. User Agent Spoofing: With a rare and special browser, you leak your identity with user-agent string. Instead of it, with some best extensions like ‘User-Agent Switcher’ or ‘User Agent Over rider’, you can bypass your identity by quickly switching your user-agent string.

With these methods you can identity what is being shared over network and can prevent it. Also like using the https instead of http and some best browser extensions, you can hide your identity. Keep in mind that you do not share your valuable information over internet and before using highly risky sites like money transfer and any likely, make sure that is using 128 bit SSL layer and using https protocol.

Posted By: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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