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Scan the Internet traffic for Illegal Activities

Scan the Traffic
Scan the Traffic

Today everything is viral on the internet. Including the entertainment, the privacy concern is also being viral and intrusion. Sometimes, when we track something, the owner of the data becomes unsecure and this increases the illegal activities.

According to the researchers, “They have found a way with which they would be able to scan the traffic on the internet to track the illegal photographs.” With this statement, It is assure that we can then track the child pornography.

Being this activity of tracking or scanning traffic, it is another point of intrusion but no-As the researcher’s team says. This may be a benefit to the police that is having a risk of ending-up the database to criminal hands that was data-based on their system. As police’s database was not able to track the internet and this made the criminal to create their own illegal photographs.

But with the new invented system of police database by researchers, they are able to track the online network without any database misuse risk. One plus point of this technology is that police would not be able to see the porn photographs but only the number of such illegal photographs and this would make the privacy secure.

The standard police database is not able to maintain the illegal photographs but only no. of these photographs and then these numbers are compared with the photographs on the system and then it is tracked the system has any illegal photographs or data or not.

Researcher Andreas Peter says: “You can compare it with a sort of safe, the contents of which you cannot see but in which you can place photographs. Subsequently, it is the ‘safe’ alone that scans the photographs and then sends a confidential report to the police. The police can open this report with a special key. The report indicates how many illegal photographs are in the safe.”
With this new system, internet users are also able to track their network using this police database.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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