4 Commonly Overlooked Things About Unlimited Broadband That You Need to Know

With internet being a necessity these days, unlimited broadband is sought by everyone. This is probably because of the word “unlimited” in it, which causes a lot of problems for ISPs. Uninformed users often flood ISPs with complaints about how unlimited is not really unlimited. And the fact that ISPs don’t really explain it really well for the sake of sales isn’t helping either. It always helps to talk to ISPs and ask what their internet packages include. Also, here are four important things you need to know about unlimited broadband.

1. There May Be Capping

ISPs usually sets data limits for their users. So if you are on a 1mbps plan, for example, you can easily use it up if you are fond of watching YouTube videos and downloading stuff. Once you cap your data limit, you can still use internet because it is “unlimited.” However, you will be charged extra similar to when you go over your minutes on your phone plan. The rates vary, but most ISPs charge by the megabyte. It’s extremely rare to see ISPs charge by the kilobyte.

2. Unlimited Is Just a Word

Some ISPs would claim to give “real” unlimited plans. Technically, there is no such thing as unlimited internet. When you get unlimited internet, you are given a lot of freedom to use as much of it as you want. However, there are still download limits. Instead of paying for extra when you reach your limit, ISPs pull your speed down to about half of your plan. They say it is to make way for other users to be able to download without “interference” from you.

3. Discounts You May Not Be Aware Of

Most times, ISPs will provide the best image of greener pastures by offering discounts. Most of these come from installation fee waivers. There are a lot of other ways you can get discounts. Migrations, for example, are great ways to get discounts. If you don’t need to have the broadband account under your name, consider transferring an unused connection by a relative. You can also look for the internet service of your cable or phone providers. More often than not, they can put you in a package plan that will cost far less than getting a single new connection.

4. Beware of “Up To” Plans

Whenever a broadband plan says something along the likes of “up to [insert number here] megabytes per second,” give it another look. For example, if a plan advertises up to 10mbps, the normal speed may be somewhere around 3-5mbps. The 10mbps speed may only show up during off-peak hours. The upside is sometimes it may even exceed the maximum speed. This is known as “throttling,” which happens when ISPs determine that there aren’t really a lot of users congesting their bandwidth.

Understanding these basic things allows you to avoid setting your expectations too high. Before signing up for unlimited broadband, try to talk to the different ISPs you have your eye on. Ask a lot of questions and base your purchase from the information you get.

Guest Post by:

Zack Bauer is a blogger and believes in a good internet plan makes for a better home and encourages comparing  unlimited broadband plans and researching thoroughly before signing any contracts.


2 thoughts on “4 Commonly Overlooked Things About Unlimited Broadband That You Need to Know

  1. Thanks for this enlightening post. It has given me good reason to be careful when choosing a broad plan for my upcoming home business.

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