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Get Introduce to Gi-Fi!! A Technology with Standard Features


In recent years, the technology has changed a-lot from wired connection to wireless connection. Weather it is wired connection of optical fibers or wireless connection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the need for better bandwidth and data rates never ends. As still we used Wi-Fi for better data exchange rates and ranges having good network coverage but the needs always look-up for better. This need lets to the new technology that is more up-to-date and has standard data exchange rates named as Gi-Fi.

Gi-Fi or Gigabit Wireless is integrated on a single chip operating at 60GHz. About its transfer rates, it can transfer the audio and video at the rate of 5Gbps at one-ninth of cost that is approx. 10 times of current transfer rates. When it transfers the data over short distance like Bluetooth, it uses 5mm Squire Chip and 1mm wide antenna and consumes only 2mwatts of power.

As it uses very small antenna, it can be used in mobile device and this development can be great for wireless home equipment.

The Gi-Fi solves the problems of low data rates, high power consumption and low frequency range of earlier technologies as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As it has integrated trans-receiver (Transmitter and Receiver both on single chip) on single chip and small antenna, it can provide better transfer rates with low power consumption.

If we compare Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Gi-Fi, we would find that where Bluetooth provides 800Kbps with 10mw and Wi-Fi provides 11Mbps transfer rate with 5mw power consumption, the Gi-Fi provides 5Gbps transfer rate with just 2mw of power.


It has one subscriber station available to several access points. It has IEEE 802.15.3C standard that support millimeter wave wireless pan networks. This pan network is used for the communication among computer devices. This subscriber station has small antenna mounted on roof supporting Light of Sight operation. To avoid interference, it transmits multiple signals across transmission path. It transmits these signals simultaneously having separate frequencies.


It has solution for the problems present in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are some features of Gi-Fi that make its standard.

  1. Better Transfer Rates: As its name indicates, it has data transfer rates of Gigabits per second (5Gbps) which is 10 times of present data transfer rates. With this speed, we can transfer audio and video files in seconds rather than time taken by other technologies.
  2. Low Power Consumption: It transmits data with a very low power consumption of 2mwatts while present technology uses 5mwatts to 10mwatt power.
  3. Security and Cost Effective: its IEEE 802.15.3C standard provides great security with link level and service level security. About its cost, it uses low-cost and mass-product chipsets.
  4. Size and Coverage: it uses 5mm Squire Chip and 1mm wide antenna that is too small and can be integrated in mobile devices. Thus it provides highly portable, high mobility. It provides better coverage area so that technology can go higher.


Gi-Fi provides better transfer rates and consumes low power. Its antenna is of very small in size so can be implementing in mobile devices. With Gi-Fi, the audio and video can be transfer within seconds. With its IEEE 802.15.3C standard, the link level and service level security can be provided. It uses millimeter wave wireless pan networks that implement the communication among computer devices.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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