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Don’t Compromise with Company’s Provided Devices!! Use BYOD


With increasing security concern, the BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device is being used popularly among organizations. Within this BYOD, the employees are permitted to bring their own devices to workplace and use the company privileged information and applications. This concern of using personal devices like laptop, desktop, tablets or mobile devices at workplace also increase and implement BYOD security policies . With better innovation and work life balance, the data management and security with devices has become a great challenge for IT. The popularity of BYOD also allows users to find and use the tools they want to use.



With a security factor, BYOD is not only beneficial for employees but also for organizations.

  1. When the employee uses its own devices, the employer can save the money. The employee self pays for devices hardware and maintenance.
  2. BYOD also help employees by providing the equipment’s or devices they want to work on not on the devices the company provides.
  3. BYOD devices provide benefits to the company with least features and capabilities. Also user upgrades the device hardware accordingly.
  4. BYOD allows employees to use the technology they prefer and consider comfortable.
  5. With BYOD, the employee may have up-to-date technology with new models and increase productivity.


With cost effective and attractive aspects of BYOD, there are some problems that the company faces while implementing BYOD.

  1. While the employee uses its own device, it is not necessary that every employee has a smart or standard device.
  2. When a user need assistance, it is difficult to mitigate the issue of devices with different platform.
  3. The different device has different types of the applications, thus it is too difficult to ensure the security on each device.
  4. When an employee leaves the company, the data and applications present on devices may have a security breach because the employee does not give up the device.
  5. As the different device has different type of OS and speed, the company then can’t maintain the infrastructure to support the device needs.
  6. The bunch of the devices may also create the problem for the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi and network.


The addition of the devices to their network is a time consuming factor. There must be some solution to handle the problems of different type of devices. One solution names as Tools4ever’s UMRA(User Management Resource Administrator).

  1. Rather than using the different types of the devices, the company should allow selected types of the devices so that at the time of device registration, the UMRA can be set up for selected and supported devices.
  2. When the Employee leave the company, the account of the registered device with UMRA is automatically disabled. Thus the access to network and data is deactivated.
  3. When supported devices would be allowed to work, the issues for OS and speed would be resolved.


The concept of BYOD is being popular in IT field. When the user or employee uses its own device at workplace, limitation to network and technology end. Sometime, the user has to work with the company provided device and this cause the limitation of up-to-date resource. BYOD is being a device of more cutting edges and being used in organizations.

Posted By: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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