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Manage your Remote Internet Services with ICS

Remote Internet Services with ICS
Remote Internet Services with ICS

As the technology is being advanced, the need of internet and its services is being increased. While it is easy to use internet in urban areas by the mean of DSL or fiber, it is difficult and very costly to use at remote sites. For this a new innovative technology is offered named as Integrated Communications System (ICS) to manage the internet services at remote sites. ICS is the complete network that provides high level of bandwidth with site visibility and management capabilities.

What is ICS?

ICS user interface
ICS user interface

ICS is a combination of hardware and software provides the flexible access to mixed source networks without any vulnerability.  It is similar to EPABX but it has capability of switching communications links of various protocols or interfaces.

It has four important components:

  1. Switching Server: It is a computing unit can be configured with communications line cards and UI. In case of redundant server, the ICS provides signal to both server by its interconnection unit.
  2. Connection Panel: it is an integrated sub-system of switching server. As name indicates, it receives and routes the entire external signal to the system.
  3. Application or User Interface:  it runs on the server and carries out all activities like patching a call, setup a conference calls and task configuration.
  4. External Conversion Recorder: it the components that can be used for all type of voice communication that passes through ICS and get recorded for further purpose.

ICS provides a larger internet connection by combining multiple internet sources. Now if one source gets down, the system continues its working with all other sources. Thus it provides a good redundancy and failover. It can combine up to 12 internet connections into one. ICS has advanced security and firewall allowing an individual user to remotely manage the site with application visibility and traffic shaping.


There are some features that make the ICS popular among entrepreneurs.

  1. Scalability:  As it can combine the many internet connection into one line, it provides a best way to manage the communication matrix and provides headroom for growth.
  2. Easy Usable: It is easy to use as it does not have many complications and provide an uninterrupted connection. Its interconnection unit always provides the signals to both servers.
  3.  Fault-Tolerance: It provides the fault-tolerance. As it has the option of recording the voice conversation, you feel secure even if the connection is broken suddenly.
  4. Employee Retention: ICS provides it best to business as well as its employees also by connecting them to their world out of the work. As it provides a high level of bandwidth, it can provide the connectivity to more than one site.


ICS network may be a great approach while going for Homeland Security. This integrated system is being used by security teams to improve their performance. By providing a timely and uninterrupted assistance to the people, the ICS network fulfills its existence by integrating various protocols. ICS provides the fully-featured, robust and user friendly solution for the people seeking for security network.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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