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Start Professional Product Photography with Adobe Lightroom


When it comes about photography, mostly people talk about Photoshop or Reader, but what a professional photographer’s use is Adobe Lightroom. While other tools decorate the image, but the Adobe Lightroom provide better impact and many such tools that can clean and process image. With this Adobe Lightroom, the raw image can be processed into a well framed beautiful picture. It is the program available only for Mac OSx. Adobe has provided its latest upgraded version Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 having many new pro features.

Adobe Lighroom is such a tool that is non-destructive i.e. you can re-change or reverse or re-edit your photos. It can edit your photos directly and does not require any conversion process. Adobe Lightroom provide the facility of organizing and searching pic with EXIF data and other smart collection. You can use import button or auto-detect option to use the Adobe Lightroom’s editing features.


Adobe Lightroom has many such tools that enhance your raw image and provide a well and optimized picture. It has some great features:-

  1. Smart Preview: A raw image is generally a massive file and requires a lot disk space. Adobe Lightroom solve the problem of storage. As it creates alias of the selected raw image and store it in DNG format. Your imported image can automatically be Smart Previewed. Now the smart edit to your picture can be made to your Smart Previewed alias of the original raw image and thus your original pic remains unchanged. Thus changes or adjustments made to your metadata are sync back and applied automatically. The DNG format has sufficient  high resolution so that you can make majority of changes and edits. To optimize the change between the high resolution image and Smart Preview, you have to zoom in the image 100%.
  2. Redial Gradient: Sometimes the raw image has some vignette effects that may create image adjustment problems. With enhanced vignette tools, you can focus the selected object in the image and the edit that object by using some regular adjustment sliders. It provide you the options like Color temperature, contrast, clarity and other adjustments for your photo.
  3. Upright Tool: Most of the photographers consider the lines come in the image as erratic. Upright tool in that situation can be used to analyze and detect skewed lines and geometric distortion and remove them. With upright options of Auto, Level, Vertical and Full, you can adjust the geometric distortion and improve the image.
  4. Advanced Healing Brush: It is the enhanced Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill Tool. Sometime irregular shapes and effects occur in the image and they need to be removed. This time this tool can be used to remove these offending images and adjust the modified void area with according the surrounding image by replacing with texture or color from the area of image. With this tool, you can remove everyone form the pic and fill the spots in such a manner that the image seems like they were never there. If your object, that is to be removed, is not circular, then also you can use the Healing Brush. Sometimes, you are not able to see the spots you want to remove; in that case, the “Visualize” option let you display the negatives of the image to highlight the picture.

Pros and Cons:

As we have switched from old Photoshop to new Lightroom, it should have some Pros and would also have some Cons. People usually ask “Why or Why not” before switching to old one to new one.

The Lightroom has better workflow as it does not requires any process to enhance the image. Also the Lightroom has the capability of remembering the printing preferences. It provide the raw image storage facility by keeping your original image unchanged. Lightroom has a negative point that it has limited zooming capability. It has better face adjustment but no face tagging as well as interactive interface design but no good model interface. It has many Pro features that will help professionals. It has the soft proofing option that can change the image background to white or any color.


With Smart preview, upright, Healing Brushes and Radial Filter, it add may other Pro features for professionals. When it comes about digital photography for professional, the Lightroom is selected by Pro and Pro-sumer photographers. Its new features also help you in saving the disk space by storing your image on external derives and let you change the image on your system.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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