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How Can You Track Your Credit Card Payment? Be Secure While Doing Transaction!


In the Online transaction world, being safe is not so easy. Whether you are doing online payment transaction or swapping your card to merchant, the security to your account is very necessary. Sometimes, when you swap your card at online swapping store for payment, your account is not debited or credit instantly. It take some verification while processing. At that time, in middle if someone temper with your details, you would be in loss.

What about if you can swipe card at your system or mobile. When you will be able to swipe your credit or debit card for payment at your device, you will be able to track and record all the payment transaction. In that case, you will be aware what is going with your account.

One such service can be experienced with QuickBook Merchant Service where you just have to swipe or put the credit card information on your device and You done!

QuickBook accept all type of Credit or Debit Cards and can be used at system, mobile, tablet anywhere. With it, your account is credited within maximum 2 days automatically. One benefit with it is, you can cancel your transaction any time.

Hey, you don’t need to worry about your credit card details as you are putting your details at a very secure encrypted server not on your system. Another, you can get paid online for your invoices through a payment link and mark it automatically as PAID.

If we compare with PayPal online transaction service with QuickBook, then we would find that we can save extra processing fee with PayPal but we can’t assure security to account with PayPal as well as we can’t track our account. Also one key benefit with QuickBook is that if any customer make a complaint of ChargeBack in case of Transaction processing issue, you can proof yourself innocent by showing off all the records regarding payment transaction.

What it do is, save your time and money and also provide choices of using any card. It also provide you option of downloading your transaction records for reconciliation(With Automatic reconcile, no risk of double entry).

QuickBook can be used for with any mobile device, tablet with any browser. If you are not able to pay at instant and worry about billing or other, you can schedule your payment at desired date so the payment will be automatically done. Although it is little costly but best for merchant to avoid the PayPal fraud.

Conclusion: QuickBook can be used on mobiles and other devices. It helps in managing and understanding your finance with easy tracking and recording facility. Having affordable charges, help a merchant to keep away the fraud in PayPal. Scheduling service keeps you tension free about billing.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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