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Do You know? You can Play Your Android Mobile Phone on Computer


With the Increasing craze of Apps and Android mobile phone, the use of Software on mobile phones has been increased. Now people use their android phone for playing games and apps more than computers. But what would be happen if you can play your mobile’s apps and games on your computer. Some of the Android apps that are very popular are the best in that case.

As we know, the resolution of mobile phone can’t be compared with system like windows and Mac. So if you are able to play all of your games and apps on computer, then would it not good. It is not like you connect your mobile with system and you done! No!

 This Most wonderful environment can be only experienced with a Android App player named ‘BlueStack’. What it can is? Once you have installed it, just search your desire Android app and here you done, I mean you can play your app or game.

 Why it is so Cool? Because with it, not only you can play all Android games and apps on your system but also can directly send those apps to your Android mobile. You can experience a best Android games at a big screen.

Does it Compatible? Why not, it is completely platform independent. It comes for Window x86, Windows ARM, Windows Android x86 and Chrome X86. You can use these apps and games simultaneously as you do with your computer application.

 What about Complexity? Don’t worry about any complexity as it is completely open to use and does not have any complication while using.

 How to use? Just Download form website and install. Use search box to search your android apps and games and download them. As soon as you would install the app or games it would be available at the desktop panel of BlueStack. Now just launch the desired one and thus you done!

 This is the app that is good for those who want to have Android experience at windows and Mac. It has very simple user interface as it has simple four buttons at top of its screen that make your task very easy. At the top you would find a option ‘Sync’ that would help you to send the desired app or game to your Android mobile or tablet.

What is good with it? The Pros point of this App Player is that if you don’t have Android phone but want to experience some popular Android games like AngryBird and TempleRun, then you can go with this app player. It is really good that Android apps are now platform independent with BlueStack.

Does it is completely Perfect? No! No!. I don’t say that it is completely perfect. Many of people has faced problem regarding it. Recently i also faced the problem that when i go for chatting with this app, then i see the online the only one to whom i am doing chatting at that movement. I was also not able to save the chat history.

Another problem which it has is hanging problem. My friend said, ”My App is being hang” when i ask “How and why”, he said, “I have installed too many apps and they all creating this problem”.

But i found a solution. I upgrade my system configuration and problem solved. So i realized that reason of problems (Installation problem, Memory problem, hanging problem etc.) is perhaps system requirement of BlueStack.

 Overall I want to say that might it not a perfect software and as we know noting is perfect, but it provide a great android experience on Windows and Mac systems.

Conclusion: With BlueStack’s Sync function, we can transfer the installed app into Android mobile. When you click on ‘Sync’, it will make a cloud network through which we can transfer the apps. You will also be able to use your Mail Account onto this app player. Also the Apps Vacuum created by Windows 8 is full-filled by BlueStack.

 Posted By: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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