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Ethernet Cable: A Physical Line of Communication between two E-Devices


If we say about the communication, then it should be confirmed that there is a need of the channel for transferring information which provided by any of the communication way.

The Communication include the Receiver and Transmitter that complete a process to transmission and receiving.

Know about its Type:

Sometimes we don’t know the type of the Ethernet Cable as is it conventional or crossover cable. To know it, just examine the end of the cable and judge them by their type of color. If color order re same then it would be conventional or patch otherwise it is crossover.

What is special in Ethernet Cable:

Each type of Ethernet cable has its own special feature that makes it popular and simplify the working of Ethernet Cable. If we talk about crossover cable then it does not required any hub or switch as middle channel to connect two devices with. A conventional cable have feature to control the router or switch, so you can’t use a conventional cable as Ethernet Cable.

Know about the Major Difference:

When you are trying to buy a Ethernet Cable, some major differences you should keep in mind to make yourself smart.

  1. Technical Difference: This based on category where length, speed, power and frequency. More the category in number increase, the more you are buying a better cable as increase in category increase the other factor.
  2. Physical Difference: What to know about physical difference, is wire twisting and isolation. If your Ethernet cable has more twist per cm then you have better range and low interference. Twists in cable decrease the interference between external wire and internal wire and increase the range.
  3. Covered with Shield: If you want to use your cable in your home or in office, then you should use shielded wire so you can reduce the interference. Also if your cable is proper shielded, then you need not to worry about any harm to body with wire contact. 
  4. Solid or stranded: If you want a durable that may be permanent after installation then you need to go for solid cable but if you are looking for more flexible and movable cables then you should finish your searching at stranded cables.

One more thing about Solid cable is that it uses only single electrical conductor, but the stranded cable uses copper cable in series.

Creating a Small Ethernet Network:

Once you have choose appropriate Ethernet cable, you can move further to setup a Ethernet Network at your place. With this, you can add more flexibility to your work place. Ethernet network would be fast and cheap and would increase the functionality. The installation of Ethernet Network to your home environment provide you the facility to connect many computers. With this connectivity, you can share your documents across connected systems.

Avoid the Problems:

As the Installation of network is not a easy task because the incorrect setup may create a poor performance and connection failure problems. Each network has its own problem regarding performance and connectivity. With some steps you can avoid these problems.These steps need to be follow while going to create Ethernet Network at your work place. These problems generally occur due to wrong connectivity of cable wires or wrong interface with router.

Conclusion: Ethernet Network does not require much hardware for its installation. Also with this communication line, the 100Mbps packet can be transmitted at 10Mbps Ethernet Network.

 “A recent study said that 94% of all intelligent nodes installed in the world in the last few years were on Ethernet. That leaves 6% for every other network protocol you hear about. This makes Ethernet the network of the future.”

With modern network use, the Ethernet Network is moving to install in smaller devices.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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