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MiFi: A wireless Router for mobile Wi-Fi hotspots (Mobile Broadband)



With the increasing role of wireless devices and network, the internet has become now valuable resource. With its world wide use, the internet has gone to portable and mobile devices. Being used the internet in systems and laptops as Wi-Fi, the mobile broadband named MiFi has changed the outcomes of wireless router.

MiFi works as wireless router by creating a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to connect the mobile device with a moving broadband connection.

A Cellular hotspot:

With MiFi, you can access the world wide web with a simple small router. Also you need not to look-up for wifi hotspots to check your E-mail. As it is a hotspot, you can connect up to 5 devices to your router i.e. Every device with wifi accessibility can use this hubspot.

 Store your data on MiFi:

 With MiFi, you can store your data files. MiFi supports the MicroSD cards that after inserting into MiFi store the data.

Better than Dongle:

 With Dongle, you would be allowed to connect only one device and not work as a broadband hotspot but MiFi provides you freedom to connect up to 5 device with single hotspot broadband. Thus it saves the money by providing 5 connectivity points. WiFi does not need any port to plugged in to the internet connecting device.

On the other hand, MiFi does not need any software to install but what you need is to turn on your device and detect the signal and now you are connected.

How to Activate:

 After Activating your MiFi SIM card, just check for all available wireless networks. Now choose MiFi from the networks and enter the network key.

If you face a problem, then check for your account status and restart your system and MiFi. Now after restarting, detect the network signal and again enter the network key.

 Conclusion: As MiFi provides the mobile Broadband Connectivity, it simplify the connectivity issues. The developed by Novatel, the MiFi also known as Intelligent mobile hotspot. What’s the name by Novatel has the MiFi is ‘My WiFi’ and pronounced as ‘My-Fi’. It simplify the role of LAN by connecting up to 5 Wi-Fi supporting devices. MiFi setup a Ad-hoc network with shared cellular internet connectivity.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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