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Worldwide Communications Platform Connecting People Everywhere

A communication software that is being used for instant messaging, conferencing and other solutions that connect people in a new way on a unified platform in a single Client interface.

Lync Server 2013
Lync Server 2013

It is the interface that is mainly designed for Enterprises. It can be used on your mobile devices to provide the productivity experience.

It provides a consistent and Single client experience for its users. It rovides connectivity through Skype ad generate rich communicating network around the world.

What does it provide

Services of lync Server
Services of Lync Server
Lync Server Control Panel
Lync Server Control Panel

The Lync Server was designed to provide the benefits of the Office Web Apps and its server. It is the real time Communication platform within Organization, between Organization and with users that are publicly available on internet.

  1. Work Globally : It is the platform that maintain a secure communication with people virtually around the world.

  1. Switch Across Devices : With this platform, users can swich among various devices like PC, phone, browser and tablet according to their need.

  1. Strong Communicaion: People around the world get connected through this platform and get better user experience.

  1. Easy to Manage : It is the real time communication platform that is used for organizations. It reduce the complexities in IT enterprises.

  1. Extend Flexibility : As it the connectivity throught the world, so it increase the flexibility. It gives the platform to spread your visions of secure and fast communications.

Features of Lync Server 2013 :

Lync Server 2013
Lync Server 2013

The Lync Server is basically used for Instant messaging in a Organization to support the File transfer and other communication. Also it has some other features :

  1. Lync Unified Client
  2. Lync Windows 8 App
  3. Lync Web App
  4. Lync Mobile Clients (For Windows phone, iPhone, iPad and Android)
  5. Single Click Conference Join
  6. Single Click Conference Join
  7. Dynamic Contect Card
  8. Lync Meeting to interect with People

  9. Meeting View to Optimize Mync Meeting
  10. Multiparty HD Video Gallery
  11. Persistent Chat
  12. OneNote Share
  13. Exchange Archiving to Store Emails and messages
  14. Lync Federation to extend Communication
  15. Server Role Consolidation
  16. Lync Server front-end architecture
  17. Active Monitoring

System Requirement :

System Requirement
System Requirement

Configure the Lync Server 2013:

To configure the Lync Server 2013, the installing of Office Web Apps Server must be done on your system. Once you done with it, you can use the facility of Lync Server 2013 by following some simple configuration steps.

These steps are just the way to add the Discovery URL of Office Web App Server to Lync Server topology.

Lync Server Configure
Lync Server Configure

After Following these steps, you have to just publish that updated topology, With these steps:

Topology Update
Topology Update

Conclusion : The Lync Server 2013 is the third Office Server provided by Microsoft with Customer preview. It is next generation Unified Communication Server that has Full IPv6 Support. With this server, no separate server role is required. It enable users to access or manage the contacts from its preview and outlook app.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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