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Skinput: Turn Your Body Into a Touching Interface.

Skinput Interface
Skinput Interface

As we all understand that the touch screen is turning into successive generation technology and it’s being common in the majority fields as in Science fictions and in real world. In this, the introduction to Skinput place a real interface totally different Touch-based technology.

The Skinput is Technology provided by Microsoft Company that turns the body into a touching interface. The technology helps in dominant the mobile application with the utilization of skipping faucet.

Each piece has its own options to make the various sort of vibrations. This skin-Touch interface provides the users with facility of use of their hands and arms as a touch-screen. Once a user bit its own skin, then totally different sort of the ultra-low frequency sounds are made reckoning on different components of the body. These sound units are detected and then task are performed like management of audio devices, enjoying games and different things.

With this technology, users are capable of managing audio devices, play games, create phone calls and navigate stratified browsing systems.

Component employed in Skinput:

Skinput  Components
Skinput Parts


There are Three main part used for Skinput.

  1. Bio-Acoustics and Sensors: It’s the armband sensing element that captures the various sort of the vibrations once users faucet their fingers at the skin surface.

  2. Bluetooth: It’s used to connect the Bio-Acoustic sensing element for mobile in order so that information will be transferred to many being controlled devices like mobile, iPod or laptop.

  3. Pico-Projector: Pico-Projector is employed as Output device that show menu. It’s employed in mobile and camera to show the project.

    Working of Technology:

Human Body as Display
Human Body as Show

The operating of this Skinput Technology depends on the show and detects principle that uses all 3 parts to produce the result.

Step 1.  Once a user faucets on skin surface then Armband Bio-Acoustics sensing element detects the activated or touched part of the skin surface by measure the sound frequency variations in body density, size, mass and impact of sentimental tissues and joints. These variations are then reborn into a digital signal kind.

Step 2.  Currently a wireless property technology Bluetooth is employed to attach the Armband Bio-Acoustics sensing element to Mobile, iPod and computers in order that the data/command will be transmitted to those devices that are being controlled. For this software system that matches the sound frequencies of a particular skin surface location is employed. Different corresponding operations are distributed within the device to produce the result.

Step 3.  The final step involves the purpose of the show. A Pico-projector is employed during this step as output shows devices operating as a projector to show the menu. This sort of the projectors is employed in mobiles and cameras to show the project.

Armband device
Armband device


  1. Don’t need any Keyboard.

  2. Don’t need any Keyword.

  3. Provide interactive play expertise.

  4. Provide straightforward navigation by providing giant buttons.

  5. Arm acts as an Instrument.

  6. Respond to numerous Hand Gestures.

  7. Easy to access in absence of Mobile.


  1. Visibility downside to the person having tattoos on its skin.

  2. It will cause the folks to be socially distracted.

  3. Provide solely five buttons.

  4. Body mass index can scale back the accuracy.

  5. Arm band is large.


Pico-Projector in moble devices
Pico-Projector in Mobile devices

By this technology, 5 skin location detection are distributed with accuracy of over ninety fifth. It’s the technology that’s not affected together with your movement as if you’re moving or walking, you’ll be able to use it with identical potency.

Conclusion:  This technology is extremely effective to solid mobile devices. The figure is that the good place for its input as a result of we’ve got a pair of meter expanse and might simply operate it with hand even within the movement of the body.

Posted by: Vijay Kumar Goyal


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