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Best Photo Sharing Applications of Android And IOS

Picture Sharing
Picture Sharing

Nowadays Picture Sharing is quite common. First Digital Cameras were used for this purpose but now every good Smartphone has a great camera to capture a beautiful picture. But just taking pictures is not enough everyone wants it to Share their pictures with their friends and family, So here are some Applications that can be used to share pictures from your Smartphone. It may be an iPhone iPod or iPad or an Android Smartphone.

  • Flicker:

    Flicker image sharing
    Flicker Image Sharing

    Flickr is an Image Sharing and Video Sharing App that is a cross platform which you can use from Windows as well as from Smartphones. It was taken over by Yahoo In 2005. Its network has millions of pictures which you can go through.

  • Wink:

    Wink photo Sharing
    Wink Photo Sharing

    You have personal pictures and you just want to share with someone special in your contacts. Here is the right app for you. As it’s a private picture sharing application. From this app you can directly share pictures with your contacts. It also syncs your contacts from your Phone Memory, So you don’t have to add people on your own.

  • Instagram:

    Instagram Sharing
    Instagram Sharing

    Instagram is an online picture sharing video sharing and a social Application. From this, Pictures can also be shared to different Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumble. It was created in October 2010 and its one of the most fast growing application it has millions of users in August 2011 Instagram Announced that 150 millions pictures were shared through Instagram. It can be used to apply different filters to your pictures before uploading or sharing them. Pictures can be liked and commented upon its platform is very alluring and this application can be used from Windows and Mac as well.

    It’s a free application.

  • Photobucket:

Photobucket Sharing
Photobucket Sharing

It’s a Image Sharing Application just for Android users and it is expected that its iOS version is going to be released soon as it’s a very famous and fast growing application for videos and image sharing, its one of the advantage is that you can link the uploaded pictures to different sites. It’s a cross platform application which can also be used on Windows, Picture can be edited and different filters can be added and the pictures can be combined to make a combo picture. It’s a really nice application to use for sharing pictures with your friends and family. And you can comment on your friend’s pictures and like them as well.

  • Sphere Share:

    SphereShare image sharing
    SphereShare Image Sharing

Sphere share is currently an Android Application but it will be soon launched for iOS. Its specialty is that you can upload panorama pictures from your android smart phone and share them with your friends. Pictures of 360 degrees can be uploaded and can be seen with the 3D view, which feels like it’s real. Pictures can be liked and commented upon and users can upload and download the pictures and share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumble and Google Plus and you can also sign in this app through your Google account.

Author Bio: Abdullah Akbar is a blogger. He is spreading the technology by sharing the content for Technology and its Gadgets.


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