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Secure E-transaction through Bio-Metric System

Security through Retina Identification
Security through Retina Identification

As the Hacking or Spoofing or the Misuse of the credit card is continuously increasing even you are using a secure network. We are using the credit cards as a very easy tool to shop online but that easy tools is also insecure because the Credit card numbers can be easily steal by the hackers. Now you will feel that the such E-Transaction is not more secure.

Also some Spam software are sent to your system or device through internet that help spammers to get the desires relevant information about your credit card and financial data.

To solve these problem or get out of these insecurities, the Bio-metric System that provide the secure E-transaction by improving the prevention in data Spoofing.

A Bio-metric system is very effective as it authenticate your personal identification by a special characteristic or behavior of the authorized person. This Secure E-transaction method also improve the your PIN and password that are very easy to guess.

Shopping with Finger Identification
Shopping with Finger Identification

There are many way of the Bio-metric Identification as :

  1. Fingerprint
  2. Iris
  3. Retina
  4. Voice print
  5. Hand geometry
  6. Palm Prints (Analyse of the veins of the palm)

In characteristics, the can measure the Fingerprint, Face Recognition, DNA, Palm Print, Hand Geometry, Iris Recognition and Retina. Another in behavioral, the system can measure the basic behavior like typing rhythm, Gait and Voice.

Security at ATMs through Bio-Metric System
Security at ATMs through Bio-Metric System

Why they are beneficial ?

The new Bio metric E-Transaction is very helpful as :

  1. Access Control: As we know the Bio metric identification is completely based on the personal physical information so it only allow the authorized person.
  1. Secure Transaction : It completely makes the transaction secure by including the verification of the personal physical identification.

Does mobile media also need this ?


Yes !! as the mobile media is now has become high class need of the people as now mobile media is available at very low cost with very attractive features. Today, shopping through mobile media is spreading continuously and for this reason, the use of the credit cards through the mobile device is also spreading and this also opening the way of introducing for Hackers.

With these type of the problems, the service providers are also changing to bio metric verification to prevent the data spoofing and then they are making the E-transaction more secure.

This technology uses a device to tie a person with it to prevent form the illegal use. But now this technology is using the physical attributes to to make the digitally signs, text or images to ensure the origin and authenticity.

 Conclusion : If we say about the benefits with this technology than we can point to the security that a person want as in this case the personal information can’t be forwarded thus this makes the transaction more secure. The Que like : What will be the good with this technology ? Have a very good and appropriate reason as this technology has many advantages to make the E-transaction secure, the Mobile E-transaction can be very effective as the mobile devices are cost effective and Bio metric system implementation into mobile phones will not require any other additional hardware.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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