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Leap Motion Technology : Control Your System with Moving Hands and Fingers


Leap Motion is the never used before technology that provide the users freedom of touching the system to operate it. It means, you can do everything with your system that have Multi-touch functionality without touching it.

To operate the system with the help of Leap Motion technology, you need not any external software or driver rather you just need a device Leap Motion Controller (Small peripheral device placed on the system). The device sense the movement of the hands and fingers and operate according to that. You can move your hands and fingers in any natural gesture to operate with system. You can play games, videos and any other functions that you generally do with touches or clicks.

Leap Motion Controller
Leap Motion Controller

With this, you can do everything naturally like picking up, dropping out, grabbing, moving and waving. With it, just pick something and drop it out at the place where you want to.

You can do :

What you can do with it
What you can do with it
  1. With it, you can browse the web, read article, and other like music play and photos flipping
  2. You can scratch, bend, mold and sculpt along with creation of 3D object.
  3. Just slice the fruit and shoot anyone with your movement of the fingers and hands.
  4. Grab the stars and soar around sun by reaching into universe.

One interesting thing about is that now the sense and understanding between you and computer is just depending on the movement of the fingers and hands. The Leap Motion Sensors sense every small and big move made by user.

One additional point is that it does not change the way of your work even keeping your devices like keyboard, mouse and others. It just work without special adapters. It can understand the difference between your fingers even what are you doing like band, flip, fold and other position of the hands. To zoom in or zoom out, just put your hand close or far to the screen. To rotate the object into air, just spin your hand.

Draw without touch or click
Draw without touch or click

It provide the facility of the 3D by providing Z-view and 150° view field. The difference between already existing motion-control technology and Leap-Motion Technology is that it can sense the movement from 100th meter distance with 200 times more sensitivity. It is just 3 inch long in size and occupy no space on the hard-disk but perform all the functions. With this technology, you need not to learn the special sign language to make the sensor understand. With this Technology, you can play all the best 3D games with no difficulties.

Conclusion : The Leap Motion Technology let you do everything with just your finger and hand’s movement. The use of the 3D services with this technology is much easy and simple and provide great experience. It is just enhance the way of your work by simplifying the operation. It provides the interesting interface between user and system.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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