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Windows 8.1 blue : An update to Old Windows 8

Windows 8 Blue Edition
Windows 8 Blue Edition

As with the failure of Windows 8, the Microsoft is decided to provide its customers updated version 8.1 surprising them with ‘No extra cost for this version’. The code name to it is given as ‘Blue’. It is announced that it will released in June 2013 and the users that don’t have windows 8, can use it at the same price of windows 8($200). one major change made to it is the support for the toggle allowing users to boot directly to desktop mode and thus you can skip the start Screen with it. With this feature, you can save your one mouse click on every reboot.

What were the changes made in it ?

Windows 8.1 with Start Button at back
Windows 8.1 with Start Button at back

If we discuss about the changes made in the new windows 8.1 then the first change is that old windows 8 does not have ‘Start button’ and it directly boot to live tile screen. But in this Blue version, user can boot directly to the desktop even without having any start button.

  1. The users have option to customize the size of the live tiles as they can increase the size. (Super size of the desktop tile) with snapping features up to four metro apps.
  2. They can access and configured advanced setting with sharing option to share any image with the applications.
  3. As in windows 8, snapping feature occupy almost 75 % of the screen but in this new Blue update the display can be adjust according to user so that two apps with 50 % display sharing can be run simultaneously.
  4. The notification within each individual apps can be manage to keep you free from trouble related to notification control.
  5. It is pre-loaded with IE-11 providing core feature across multiple devices.
Windows 8.1 With IE 11
Windows 8.1 With IE 11

It is provided with many new updates and apps like Sound Recorder, Video editing application, calculator and Sky-drive with picture frame mode.

The ‘Blue’ version will be a free update to its existing version 8 so that users don’t need to purchase it again. They can update it through windows store. The user that are using windows RT can also get it freely without paying anything for it. It is being developed to provide the experience to users.

Windows 8.1 Desktop
Windows 8.1 Desktop

Windows is about to provide its public preview in June,2013 but the complete version will be available in last of the year. It is being expected that its update to windows server will also be known as Windows server 2012.

Here You can get the  Features of the Windows 8.1 ‘Blue’ .

Conclusion : Microsoft is providing its update for windows 8 users so that experience on the touch screen with windows can be great. This update will be available freely for the existing user of the Windows 8. The Main reason to update it was the Start button and Direct boot to tiles screen. Due to this user have to use some software and apps to use its desktop Screen but now the user can use it without any software or apps.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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