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Who will Perform the best in the jungle of Gaming Graphics card


The market with the graphics card is tough as many new Companies have been providing world best gaming graphics card. The companies are continuously updating its products in features and performance.

What this competition is doing for market is, the companies are offering best products at very affordable cost. If we talk about the Intel then it is providing Intel HD Graphics 4000 with its 3rd Generation core processor. At another point the AMD is providing the products with in the range. AMD is providing the Graphics card with best performance. If we talk about the AMD HD 7790 Graphics card, then it is a little Graphics card short PCB. One one thing with it is that it is a Dual slot card. It uses large aluminum heat sink that uses two cooler to make the chip cool. While in Intel HD 4000, the GPU does not has dedicated VRAM so have to operate with the main memory and RAM clock. Also the system RAM is running at 1333 MHz that is much common.

Intel HD 4000 has the GPU that provide the Larger cache but the amount of the cache it can has depend on the Ivy bridge CPU. It provide the dual core and quad core Ivy bridge CPU with 3MB-4MB and 6MB-8MB of L3 cache respectively. So this point clear the fact that the Intel HD 4000 will depend on the CPU for its performance.

AMD 4K Gaming 7990
AMD 4K Gaming 7990

While the AMD has released its new product AMD radeon HD 7990 that will be the world’s fastest gaming graphics card because it will contain 2 fastest HD 7970 graphics card on a single PCB that will work as a dual CPU.

The good graphics card is one that provide the performance GPU or interface, Video memory and other factors.

One most important factor with the performance is that which company has built it. As different company uses the different technology to build a Graphics card.

The API such as Direct X, open GL and open CL are the interfaces that provide the best user interaction with the software.

As we know the display is the interface of the user and its monitor screen. Now AMD is providing the Ultra HD display (4K resolution) that will provide high display quality.

Some additional features like noise power. Consuming of power, cooling fans, Size, ability to work under load etc are very important point. AMD is providing the mid size and small size graphics card that will fit into small CPU. Also the how much the power they are consuming and what is the noise level when it works also a consideration point.

Conclusion : As the graphics card jungle is widely growing and being the reason of releasing the newer and faster graphics card. In that case the choosing of the best one is not so difficult, as just think, for what you need a graphics card. Many companies are providing best Graphics card based on the technologies and features they use in it.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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