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Firefox OS !! Experience Web App user Interface

Firefox OS
Firefox OS

Introduction :

Mozilla is now dealing with the open source platform Linux to produce its open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. The project name given to it is Boot to Gecko also known as B2G. The name of the operating system is Firefox OS. It is open source and uses Linux kernel and Gecko-based run-time engine to boot. This allow it to use applications developed by the HTML, JavaScript and other APIs (Open web application). It is a flexible and powerful platform that is not a proprietary technology. As it is open source and provide a complete Web app user interface so it can launch and display other web apps.

If we discuss about the hardware requirement, then you will find that it requires minimum ARMv6 CPU but for better use Cortex A5 or better ARMv7 with NEON CPU processor is recommended. It requires Adreno 200 or better GPU and Wifi or 3G enabled device to use this Firefox OS.

The aim of the foundation is to provide the Operating System to low-end devices and to bring the mobile web content to the users with the help of the web apps. The Operating system will come at the end of the year.

The Firefox OS is built to bring the power of the web development using HTML 5. every function of the device like calling, messaging, and browsing can be develop as HTML 5 application. For it, the Firefox OS has used open Web APIs to access all the functionality of the device (Calling, camera, messaging, Bluetooth . Applications developed in HTML 5 are capable to be used across multiple platforms.

It will offers highly customization smartphone experiences to offer their customers because it is based on open Web standards. Search capabilities in the Firefox OS are also sophisticated and deeper because the user can search within apps (not possible with native) as well as on the Web at the same time and can easily discover one time usable apps.

Firefox Content Design
Firefox Content Design
Firefox Open Web OS
Firefox Open Web OS

Conclusion : Firefox OS will provides a faster, better experience to the user using the same hardware and many other interesting features compared to other OSes. Its features like Qualcomm power, full Google map, social network integration and easy apps porting will surely provide speedy and efficient user experience for low end devices.

Click here to See the video 

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal 


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