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Ubuntu mobile OS : Crisper and Sharper Experience on Low-End Phones.

Ubuntu Mobile
Ubuntu Mobile


The popularly known computer operating system Linux is now coming with its mobile Operating System Ubuntu Mobile OS that is developed by the company canonical for smartphones. This Operating system is not built on the java and does not use JVM (Java Virtual Machine) but it completely based on the Android Kernal. It utilizes both the smartphone and tablet touch screen features to perform tasks and other functions. The aim of the OS is to provide less complex user experience with the crisper and sharper low-end phones experience. It is expected that the software will run on the devices having less specifications.

The device should have A9 ARM Processor and 1 GB RAM to run the software (OS). The operating system can support multiple user account with its Guest Mode option on the home screen. It is expected to release it in last of the this year or next year.

Ubuntu Mobile Gesture
Ubuntu Mobile Gesture

It has following features that make it compatible with low end devices.

  1. Natural Swiping Guesture : The Ubuntu mobile OS uses simple natural swiping guesture that makes the easy access to content and switching between apps. In it, every edge of the screen is used to easy and fast access the content, apps and settings. A short swipe from the left edge of the scrren will show your favourite apps. If you swipe fully from left edge to right edge, you will be able to see all the apps. This feature is same as app drawer used for android. If you swipe your right edge, you can see your running or recent apps and a little swipe from up to down will show you the settings. Thus it provides fast switching between running and favourite apps. If you swipe form bottom edge, then you will be able to use app controls. With this swipe, you can easily hide or reveal them. Thus they would not take room on the screen.

  2. Easy Conversation : As when you swipe your top edge to bottom, you will get any notification from Social Media sites and you can reply instantly to them. Thus it provides quick access to all your emails and texts.

  3. Instant Image Upload : With this OS, you can instantly upload your image into your ubuntu personal cloud account. Thus you can make the images available any time on your all device including Android, iOS and windows running devices.

  4. Web App API : With this feature, web developers can easily install their sites as applications. Due to this, the the Mobile OS can be turn into a fully featured desktop OS when it is plugged into the system.

It is provided with two versions. One is created for low-end devices and other one is created for high end devices. The system requirements for low end device version (Known as entry lavel) include 1Ghz Cortex A9 processor, with 1 GB RAM and 8GB eMMC + SD flash storage, and a multitouch screen. If we talk about high-end device version that is known as superphone requires a quad-core A9 or an Intel Atomprocessor, with minimum 1GB RAM and 32GB flash storage, and a multitouch screen.

Swipe in Ubuntu mobile
Swipe in Ubuntu mobile

There are some most wonderful features in Ubuntu mobile OS

  1. Cross Platform Compatibilty : If you have android OS on your smartphones, you can also install the Ubuntu mobile OS in your smrtphone with any problem.

  2. Memory Management : The Ubuntu mobile OS uses less memory to run any app improving performance.

  3. User-friendly integration : Ubuntu mobile OS provides easy integration between different computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs. With this linux based software, user can run desktop applications on their ubuntu devices without any problem.

  4. Apps : The Ubuntu uses native apps so you can use all the application on your ubuntu devices that are made for desktops i.e. There is no need of developing different apps for computer and mobiles operating system.

Ubuntu Mobile connectivity with system
Ubuntu Mobile connectivity with system

As the Ubuntu mobile OS is open source, it is less resource intensive so you can run this even on your old hardware. Its HTMl 5 feature will allow you to turn your HTML 5 website into a mobile application for Ubuntu mobile. Ubuntu mobile OS uses both QML and open GL that allow you to use graphics heavy games and rich apps. With this OS, you can organize everything even your files, photos, contacts, apps and your conversation. It will provide seamless and striking entry-level devices experience.

Conclusion : This mobile OS will come in the market with a tough competion as there are some other OS (iOS and Android) are there in market. Also some new mobile OS like Firefox and Tizen are about to come with this Ubuntu OS. It will be differ with others due to its contant presentation. Its swiping feature to reveal your contant will make this differ from others. Due to its open source feature, you can use similar apps developed for its computer OS. Its Desktop and tablet connectivity will also provide a new user experience.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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