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Having Trouble with the Mobile Processing speed !! Use Tegra 4 fastest Mobile Processor

Tegra 4 Mobile processor
Tegra 4 Mobile processor

Are you facing trouble with the processing speed of mobile ?? The Solution is going to knock your door very soon!! Named “NVIDIA Tegra 4”. it is packed with 72 GPU cores, has 6x graphics performance than Tegra 3 and provide a very high resolution display. Now the question arises why would it so fast ?? It would be because the processor have first quad core ARM cortex -A15 CPU that makes it best in efficiency and performance.

What about the battery and looks/style ?? The battery life would be so long that you can play your HD videos for 14 hours continuously. If we talk about the performance, the device will use LTE enabled chipset to provide fastest web browsing. Also, it would contain Icera@i500 (used for connecting to internet with super-fast 4G LTE speed and increase the battery life with low-power consumption technology) processor that will provide 4x processing capability than its predecessor.

Graphical representation makes it better. The processor will provide 32nm Apple A6X run for its graphical view with ARM chips. This will provide prettier mobile games display. Also it can provide up to 1440p Video resolution for encoding and decoding (Found on 27 inch monitors). You can play 1080p videos at 120HZ with 3D stereo view.

Curious about power consumption!! huh!! not make sense! It will consume 45 % less power compared to previous versions because it will use 2nd Gen battery saver core for low power and PRISM 2 display technology to control the display light because the device is going to move from 40 nm KalEi (on Tegra 3) to 28nm wayne (Tegra 4) process running on 1.9GHz.

Enough to handle the workload damn worthy for it, as its SMP architecture uses 4 performance cores, each can work independently and can be enabled and disabled automatically according to workload.

It will provide HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos and videos due to the presence of GPU, CPU and camera’s single image processor with flash capability.

Still the price and release date waiting for the existence, but it is being expected that device will come in market within 2013-2014. This device will have strong and fantastic hardware with 4G LTE technology.

What about the memory frequency ?? It will use DDR3L and LPDDR3 memory frequency with 4 GB memory size and will provide HSPA+ and TD-HSPA technology data rates.

Conclusion : Tegra 4 will provide maximum performance and less energy consumption with better graphics and video support. This will double the efficiency and processing speed. With the device, user will be able to use the high speed 4G LTE internet and can handle the work load very easily. Love to have it!!

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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