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Google OS Update !! Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (KLP) coming this summer

Intro to Android ???


Android is a robot with a human appearance according to science futurism. This Goolge’s operating System is used for smart phones. This linux based Operating System is available with some free apps in the Google pay store apps. Unlike the iOS (For iPhone and all the iDevices) and Symbain (Nokia preserve ), the Google’s android is globally used by many mobile manufacturer (Mostly used by Samsung and Sony). Android have a series of versions and released with the names of some foods like item which is the speciality of the android.

Android Versions :

Android has many Versions. They are knowb by their foods name.

Android key lime pie 5.0 Versions
Android key lime pie 5.0 Versions
  1. Version 1.0 (Known as Android Beta): It was the first version of the android.

  2. Version 1.1 (Known as Petit Four): This update is provided to resolve bugs and for changing android API.

  3. Version 1.5 (Known as Cupcake): This was the first that contains codename based on the Dessert item name.

  4. Version 1.6 (Known as Donut): It was produced with updated technology support for CDMA/EVDO.

  5. Version 2.0/2.0.1/2.1 (Known as Eclair): It contains the API changes and more bug free updates.

  6. Version 2.2.x (Known as Froyo): It had market application with updation.

  7. Version 2.3.x (Known as Gingerbread): It had the google Nexus five updation.

  8. Version 3.x (Known as Honeycomb) : It was used for tablets mainly

  9. version 4.0.x (Known as Ice Cream Sandwitch) : It was usable for both phones and tablets.

  10. Version 4.1/4.2 (Known as Android Beta) : This is known as Jelly Bean and used for both phones and tablets.

But now the Google is coming with its new latest updated version v5.0. This version V5.0 Key Lime Pie(KLP) will be provided with many features. The next Motorola smart phone X will contain this Operating System.

What will be the features ???

Android key lime pie 5.0 Connectivity
Android key lime pie 5.0 Connectivity
  1. Built-in Video Chat : This version will be provided with Video Chat function like a BlackBerry Chatting messenger. It means you would have an option for normal call or video call when you select the contact. This functionality will eliminates the launching of the app each time. This functionality also adds Easy-of-access and fluidity.

  2. Better multiple device support : With this version you will be able to switch beteen phone and website players to resume watching and downloading as well that is not possible with other versions.

  3. Line-drawing keyboard : Now google is producing their kyboards with alternate text entry options. This line drawing option will make the device very popular.

  4. Multi-Contact Communication : If you want to E-mail or text to your friends the email one and then add others individually using the user scrolling check box system and creating a mailing list on the fly.

  5. SMS Synch : If you are a Constant SIM swapper then it will benefit you as the device allows to store your messages ont he device rather than SIM. Now you can back up them to your SIM, SD Card, or can store cloudly for esay and consistent access.

  6. Update Choice : With this updated version of android, the user will be able to update the apps manually or can ignore the update prompt forever. We can also have favoured version of the apps without updating.

  7. Screen Customization : This android version provides you the screen customization by alphabetical order or with your preferences. This version is packed with such options. The battery percentage count in the notification bar is also provided in this version.

  8. Apps Preview : Android 5.0 key lime pie provides a great feature of the preview of the apps before purchasing.

Android key lime pie 5.0 with Nexus 5
Android key lime pie 5.0 with Nexus 5

A new update is that The Nexus five may come with this updated version of the android 5.0 key lime pie. Google is planning to launch both Software and device together. The updated version will change the android working experience as it has many features for you.

Conclusion : This big update from Google has surely kept it in the news and will surely be attract its market to success. The Android 5.0 key lime pie update will boost up the android market.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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