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Has Mobile Phone Stolen ?? Track it with Sniffers

Sniffer for Detecting Mobile Phones

Sniffer Technology
Sniffer Technology

The mobile phone stealing or misplacing is common thing now-a-days. The security to mobile phones is very necessary as the mobile companies are now producing the cellphones with IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) to locate the mobile phone but this technique is not so much effective. For this reason Sniffer technique is used. The device contains Sniffer base station, Unidirectional antenna, tracking Software and others. As blocking of IMEI no. Can only prevent the calls made by unauthorised person but we have to detect the device so use the Sniffer technology.

Sniffer is like a transceiver that use the special frequency that is used by service provider.

Designing :

The device contains three following important components.

  1. Sniffer based station
  2. Unidirectional antenna
  3. Tracking Software
  1. Sniffer based station : it is used to maintain the frequency on which the device works. The frequency is around 900 MHz which is VHF range and required to design the oscillator. Also it uses low-power so that interference may be very less.
  2. Unidirectional antenna : This antenna is used to transfer the signals working on the desired frequency for receiving and transmitting signals.
  3. Software : Software part is very important for mobile phone tracking. The software is designed such that it inputs the IMEI of the device from the RAm of the device. Now it check the receiving signal from device that responds to the signal send by the sniffer. This programming is done with java or c programming (Preferred due to esay embedding on chip). VB is used to design the front end and SQL is used for back end as it help in data getting using SQL query.


Sniffer Technology Station Working
Sniffer Technology Station Working
Sniffer Technology Working
Sniffer Technology Working

The sniffer device basically works on the frequency that is only used by the mobile operators. It has two phases:

  1. Before Sniffer increase the frequency : In this a base station is used that works as a middle point of mobile phone and MSC (Mobile Switching centre). There is two way communication between devices.Before the communication estabilishment, the authentication of SIM card (Using IMEI) and handset (Using EIR) is done. The EIR is located at MSC and it contains the contains the IMEI of the lost mobile.
  2. After the sniffer increase the frequency : Now the information from this communication is fed to sniffer device and start to locate the mobile phone. Now connection between BTS and device is lost due to EIR request. Now lost device search the device to get locked and send the signal which is received by sniffer device and connection between them is estabilished. Now IMEI of lost device is validated with stored IMEI and then connection is estabilished. Afer that the location is traced. During this process, if another device try to connect with sniffer then the connection is denied. This can be done with the GPS but not because the sniffer can only work with frequency only used with operators. Now the antennas are used to track different positions of the lost device.

Advantage :

Sniffer Technology Advantages
Sniffer Technology Advantages

The main advantage of the sniffer is that it can work on the unused frequency and gives better results. Also it uses the software help so trusted detection may be carried out.

Drawbacks :

The technology uses the C or Java programming and also uses SQL for querying. Also it uses software to detect the lost device.

Conclusion : Sniffer technology is very useful in case of the mobile stealing. This technology works on the frequency that is usually used for military purposes. The technology contains its tracking softwares that make it very popular among theft detecting techniques.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


2 thoughts on “Has Mobile Phone Stolen ?? Track it with Sniffers

    1. When the BTS and MSC track your device you will get the MAC address of the device with the current location and last data packet sent time. with this details you can easily find out your device.

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