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Double your Performance up with Intel 4th Gen Processor !!

Intel 4th Generation processor

Intel is coming with its new generation processor i.e. 4th generation processor that will increase the performance of your processor( will make it double in comparison with previous generation processors). This new generation processor is becoming available on 2nd June 2013. The name given to it is Haswell (a new chip generation). This processor will increase the performance with new micro architecture and decrease the power consumption. The technology used in it are same as Ivy bridge chips that have high power consumption. It has 22nm process technology and 3D-tri-gate technology.

Hoswell is the low-power processor that is designed for hybrid Ultra books.

Design : Hoswell processor is invented to reduce the power usage and gives the better performance. It is coming with three major versions.

Intel 4th Generation Processor Specification

  1. Desktop version : it is also known as Haswell-DT

  2. Mobile/laptop version : it is also known as Haswell-MB

  3. BGA version

Performance : It has better performance in comparison with Ivy Bridge.

Twice the vector Processing (A CPU that implements an instructions operating on 1 D array) performance.

  1. Intel 4th Generation Processor developement

    CPU performance increases about 10 %

  2. Double the performance up of integrated GPU

Features : The new 4th Generation Intel processor has following features.

  1. A 22 nm manufacturing process

  2. Intel 4th Generation Processor Features

    3D tri-gate transistors

  3. A 14 stage pipeline

  4. Quad Core mainstream

  5. DDR3 support

  6. 64 KB L1 and 256 KB L2 cache per core

  7. 3D and media performance improvement

  8. HDMI and high resolution display support

  9. HD graphics with Microsoft direct x 11.1 support

  10. Open GL 4.0 Support

  11. Open CL 1.2 Support

  12. Shrink PCH (Platform Controller Hub, a family of Intel microchips )from 65 nm to 32 nm.

    Intel 4th Generation Processor

  13. A new cache design

  14. Up to 32 MB Unified cache LLC

  15. Thunderbolt technology support

  16. Advance power saving system

Characteristics : it has some unique and advance characteristics that make it best in performance.

  1. Sleepily Active : In this processor a a special processing unit is provided inside the CPU to save the power. It is called Power Control unit. It check every part of the processor for its idleness and then turn on or off the needed part. In this processor, a third power state ‘Active Idle’ (other two are active state and sleep state) is added. It is called SOix and uses 20 times less power than Ivy bridge.

  2. Increase the Battery life : In it, the sleep and active idle state are divided into multiple smaller states each defining status of the each part of the CPU. Only the parts needed, will be in the waking state. So it will increase the battery life.

  3. Graphics : The hoswell processor provides three integrated graphics options for Intel CPU. These are GT1, GT2, GT3. In these all, the GT3 is most interesting version as it double the over the HD 4000 GPU by doubling the execution units. These are built in a common modular unit called Slice Common. To increase the performance, it simply add a second slice common to GT3.

Conclusion : This new Haswell processor will lead the Ivy bridge due to low power target. The other best feature to make it best is its battery saving capability as saving 10% power. The other support is HD graphics support that make it better display provider. This will help battery life of the ultra books. Its mobile version will also help the mobile users.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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