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5G Technology improving the Transfer rates !!

5G Mobile Wireless Technology

Generation of the Technology

5 G wireless technology is now upcoming technology that will surely change the world of the wireless. As the technology is going to provide the transfer rate of 1Gbps to make the communication much better.

The 5G is the technology with almost no limitation. It provides the Multi-Media Newspapers with very clarity and T.V. Programs like a HD T.V.

The 5G generation is also known as Real World Wireless or called WWWW(World Wide Wireless Web).

The Generation provides large phone memory, dialing speed, clarity in audio and video and other things that would surely amezise you.

It has :

 New in 5G technology

  1. New Error- Control Methods

  2. Different Wireless Technologies access

  3. High Resolution, Bi-directional large bandwidth shaping

  4. Attractive and effective billing interface

  5. Subscriber supervision tool for fast and immediate actions

  6. Features of 5G technology

    Great policies to avoid errors

  7. Large broadcasting of data

  8. Gateway with unparalleled consistency

  9. Accurate traffic statistics

  10. VPN

  11. High Upload and Download
  12. Remote diagnostics

  13. Wireless device with AI Capabilities.

It provides open platform designs on different layers, from physical to application layer. Also it will give the tough completion to normal computer and laptop. The router and switch technology provides high connectivity in 5G technology. It is a bright future as it can handle bets technologies and offer priceless handset to their customers. It also has extra-ordinary capabilities to support Software and Consultancy. 5G networks layer support OWA (Open Wireless Architecture) through ISO Modification.

This is expected to be estabilish in next 2015 to 2018 and will be available in affordable cost.

Switching to 5G technology

Concepts for The 5G Technology :

The technology has many concepts related to it. These concepts are being investigate and develop.

  1. Widespread Network : The technology provides the connectivity among several wireless access technologies and switching between them.

  2. Group co-operative relay : The High data rates availability over a wide area of the cellphones make the technology considerable.

  3. Experimental Radio Technology : It enables the user equipment to a radio landscape. This allows to Locate and choose the optimum radio access link and best modulation schemes to gain best and optimum performance connection).

  4. Ad-hoc Networking : It provides ad-hoc wireless networks for much speedier data flows.

  5. Smart Antenna : Its smart antennas can alter the beam direction to enable direct communication with less interference and inproved cell capacity.

  6. Vandermonde-subspace frequency division multiplexing modulation : this type of the modulation is used to provide the much flexible and efficient form of the modulation.

 5G architechture

In this technology every mobile will use Mobile IP and each mobile terminal will be FA (Foreign Agent) and will keep the CoA mappimg (care of Address) between IPv6 and CoA address for current wireless network. At the same time it can be connected to other mobile or networks by maintaining different IP address acting like a CoA address for FA placed in mobile phone. This fix IPv6 will be implemented in the mobile phones.

The 5G mobile phone will maintain virtual-multi-wireless network environment by separation of the network layer into two sub-layers.(Lower Network Layer for each interface and Upper Network Layer for mobile terminal ). the middle ware will maintain address translation from Upper network address (IPv6) to different Lower network address (IPv4, IPv6) and vice-versa.

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