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Latest Micro-Soft product for Home Premium Users

Micro-Soft 365 Home Premium


The Micro-Soft Home Premium is the next generation of Office that provide you anywhere connectivity. This is generally launched for Non-Commercial use only. To explore your Micro-Soft 365 Home Premium, you have to simple log-in into it and then you can open your application, document and custom setting. The sign-in will provide you following :

  1. A personalized Office experence on 5 PCs or Tablets
  2. Powerful new version of Word, Excel, Power-Point, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access
  3. Streaming of full version of the Office application
  4. Talk to anyone using Skype feature of the application
  5. 20 GB SkyDrive space
  6. Easy to access for your notes, pictures and document

Reasons for use :

There are many reasons to use it.

  1. Anywhere Access to your Office
  2. Easy to Start
  3. 1.2Creating Beautiful Documents
  4. Better Insight of the Document
  5. Media Addition for interaction
  6. One Place Store
  7. Experience on Mobile Device
  8. Smarter Professional E-mail
  9. Easy to build a Website
  10. Centralization of people
  11. High Definition
  12. Connecting to Customers and Partners
  13. Manage of Organization
  14. Data Security
  15. Build Social Network
  16. Power of Cloud

The Micro-Soft 365 Home Premium product provide 60 free Skype world calling minutes that can be used for mobile phones, landlines and PCs in the world. The product can be used feely as trial or can be purchased on the monthly(420/month) or yearly(4199/year) basis.

The product has some templates that save time from the start screen. Its attractive interface make the clear view of your work. You would be able to capture your ideas with the amezing Touch fearture.

Office Application :



  1. Access 2013
  2. Excel 2013
  3. InfoPath 2013
  4. OneNote 2013
  5. Outlook 2013
  6. PowerPoint 2013
  7. Publisher 2013
  8. Visio 2013 (Standard, professional and premium)
  9. Word 2013
  10. Lync 2013

System Requirement :


  1. 1GHz or faster x64 or 64-bit Processor with SSE2
  2. 1GB (32 bit), 2GB(64 bit) RAM
  3. 3GB HardDisk
  4. DirectX10 Graphics and 1366×768 Resolution
  5. Window 7,Window 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 with .NET 3.5
  6. Others

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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