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Future of Computing with Parallella :

Future of Computing with Parallella :

Introduction :

Parallella is a parallel computing that is completely changing the way of the processing. The Parallella is a motherboard that is built to process most complex softwares very effectively and simultaneously. The motherboard is also provided with Real-Time object tracking, holographic heads-up displays, speech recognition making the motherboard strong and smart.22

Platform :

The platform affects the parallel computing so the easy usuable, open and affordable platform is required for effective and simple parallel computing. For this parallella motherboard is introduced.

It has following features :

  1. Open Access : To work with this, one don’t need any special access or NDA.

  2. Open Source : It is based on the free open source development tools and libraries.

  3. Affordable : The cost of the motherboard is only $100 making very affordable platform.

The platform is based on Epiphany Multicore Chips developed by Adapteva consists of array of RISC processors programmed in C/C++ and connected with fast on chip network with a single shared memory architecture.

Hardware : It has following Hardware Configuration.

  1. Zynq-7010 Dual-Core ARM A9 CPU

  2. Epiphany Multicore Accelerator(16 or 64 cores)

  3. 1 GB RAM

  4. MicroSD Card

  5. 21

    USB 2.0 (Two)

  6. Expansion Connectors (Two)

  7. Ethernet 10/100/1000

  8. HDMI Connection

  9. Snips with Ubuntu OS

  10. 3.4 x 2.1 Dimension

The motherboard provides the performance of the 90 GFLOPS and a horse power of 45 GHz CPU on the credit card size consuming 5 W power. So this motherboard will definitely change the world of computation of the computer and will improve the work by parallel computing of the complex softwares.

Posted by : Vijay Kumar Goyal


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