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World of Mobile Wireless Technology

Mobile Wireless Technology :

 What is Mobile Wireless Technology ???

 Mobile Wireless Connectivity         The wireless communication is defined by the exchange of the information between two or more wirelessly connected devices. Generally wireless technologies uses radio links to communicate as with the radio links, the distance can be much short. So the wireless technology allows the long-distance communication that are completely impossible with the use of wires. One of them is mobile wireless technology that is widely used to carry out the transmission. This technology has changed the way of the business and social interactions. Due to this technology, the public and private space demarcation is redefined.

What are the Generations of the Technology ???

 Generation Features

The invention of new networks have made it very important and very depending over technology.

Today we have many new generations of mobile wireless technology.

  1. 1G (First Generation) (cellphone) : In this generation, the Analog transmission technology was used to communicate. They mainly focus on the voice and data services are almost non-extent. They are incompatible in standard like differ in frequency and signals. They don’t provide the international roaming. They also provide unreliable hand-off and low-capacity. But this technology don’t have any threats. This is generally known as cellphones. In this technology the signal is transmitted between radio towers so the signal can be modulated to 150 MHz frequency by using FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access). This technology has poor voice links and no security as voice call were susceptible to unwanted eavesdropping by third party due to playing over radio towers. It has very narrow band mobile network.

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  2. 2G (Second Generation) (GSM) : 2G refers to the second generation of the mobile wireless technology that uses the GSM (Global System for Mobile) for communication. It allow various mobile phone network to provide the various services like SMS(Simple Message Service), MMS(Multimedia Message Service) and others. It provide great security for both sender and receiver. This technology uses the digital signal communication so the message are digitally encrypted and only receiver can receive and read the message.

    The technology uses TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) or CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology. TDMA allows time slots to divide the signals while CDMA allocates a special code to communicate over the channel. This code is provided to each user. It has increased the possibility of wireless data services. It allows the service of roaming. It uses low-power radio signals so that has saving of battery and small size. The digital signaling increase the sound quality by decreasing the noise. This technology has the distance drawback as the far from the cell tower won’t be good to make a call.

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  3. 2.5G (GPRS) : This is the generation between 2G and 3G generation networks. It is a extended 2G system that provides the facility of GPRS (General Packet radio Service) and enhance the data rates by evolution of HSCSD and EDGE (Enhance Data rates for GSM Evolution). The GPRS provides the 56-115 kbps data transfer rates so uses the services of WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) and MMS effectively. It implements packet switched network in addition with circuit switched network.

  4. 2.75G (EDGE) : It is the technology that is invented and developed by Cingular (AT & T) and provide the data transfer rate up to 384 Kbps. It works only on GSM networks and use the services of EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) technology. EDGE is better than GPRS as the Transfer rate is very good than GPRS.

  5. 3G (UMTS) : The purpose of inventing of the 3G is to provide value added services like video calling, live streaming, internet access on the mobile phone. It provides the data transfer up to 2 Mbps that meet the IMT-2000 standard decided by ITU. It is the combination of the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), TD-SCDMA (Time-division Synchronous Code-division Multiple Access) and W-CDMA(UMTS) (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) technologies. Along these, the 3G also provide great security and privacy. Data is transfer throught the Packet Switching Technology(The technology that send the data in packets throught various paths and hence receive very fast at the destination.). It uses the HSPA technology that stands for High Speed Packet Access in which the Packet Switching concept is used. It increases the clarity and povide the conversation like real.

  6. 3.5G (HSDPA) : 3.5G Generation is middle of the 3G and 4G that uses the HSDPA technology that is much advance of HSPA. HSDPA stand for High Speed Downlink Packet Access that provide the data transmission rate up to 8-10 Mbps. It provide smooth evolutionary path for 3G network and allow high data transfer rates. It provides the speed like ADSL line and improve the W-CDMA using modulation and coding. It also create high speed downlink shared channel used for only downlink.

  7. 3.75G (HSUPA) : 3.75G uses the HSUPA Technology that is a upgraded process of WCDMA. HSUPA stands for High Speed Uplink Packet Access and provide support to VoIP application and uploading of pictures. It provide the data rates of 12 Mbps. It also provide multi-code transmission, fast scheduling, short time travel and others. It provides person to person data applications with higher transfer rates.


  8. 4G (OFDM) : The 4G technology is the integration of the various wireless technologies and provides data transfer speed up to 100 Mbps. It uses very high frequency bands of 2-8 GHz and bandwidth of 100 MHz. It uses OFDM (orthogonal frequency Division Multiplexing) to provide very high data rates. It uses long term channel prediction to achieve the high performance. It uses IP based mobile system and provide high speed, high capacity and low cost per bit. It provides global access, portability of services, seamless switching and other services. It also provides broadband access in remote locations. One weakness is of high cost to use and deploy the infrastructure.

  9. 5G (OFDM) : This Generation is known as real world wireless or WWWW (World Wide Wireless Web). It provide complete wireless communication with almost no limitation. It also provide multimedia-newspaper, clarity of T.V. Programs like a HD T.V. It provides world wide cellular phones, extra ordinary data capabilities, high connectivity and bright future. It is a packet switched wireless system that provides wide area coverage and high throughput. It provide the data transfer rate of more than 1 Gbps and 2-8 GHz frequency band. It provide Bi-directional large bandwidth shaping and high resolution. It also provide attractive and effective advance billing interface and support to VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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What are the Advantages of the Mobile Wireless Technology ???

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  1. Constant connection

  2. Up-to date information accessibility

  3. No cable required

  4. Extensibility

  5. Free to roam

What are the Disadvantages of the Technology ???

There are some weal point of using of the technology as it is completely wireless.

  1. Unsecure to share Private Information

  2. Unstability of the network

  3. Attunation by barriers

  4. Difficult to setup and maintain

  5. Harmful Radiation

Why do we need the Technology ???

Today the wireless technology is becoming very popular as the small mobile devices has invented due to it. The technology has some points that are the need of the people.

  1. It provides anytime, anywhere connectivity.

  2. images (3)

    Easy and inexpensive technology

  3. Reduces the time in revenue.

  4. Removes the problem of wires

  5. Easily expand network

  6. Security and encryption of the communication


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