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Micro-Soft Office 2013 !! Microsoft’s New Product

Micro-Soft Office 2013 !! Microsoft’s New Product

 download (9)The Micro-Soft a manufacturer of the best windows product is again giving you a new version of the Micro-Soft Office that will give you a best and amezing experience in comparison with other products. This new prodcut name is Micro-Soft Office 2013 also known as Office 15. It is the latest version of the Micro-Soft Office for its windows products. It is recently released on 29 Jan 2013 by the Micro-Soft team. It is best to compete the Micro-Soft Office 2010 as it includes extended file formats and provide best user interface. This version has best and highly choosen feature of Touching. This system is suitable for IA-32 (Intel Architecture of 32 bits known as x86 is one of the most commercial successful Microprocessor of Intel used for personnel computers) and x64 (a version of IA-32 supports large amount of virtual and physical memory) system and can be run on all the versions of the windows even on window 8. This also includes Window RT (Special Micro-Soft Window Operating System runs on Mobile Devices using ARM architecture) devices.

New Features :

 download (10)The newly vesion of Micro-Soft Office is provided to you with many features like it has SkyDrive,, Hotmail, Skype, Yammer and Flickr. The version also provide the support to other formats that are not supported by MS-Office 2010. It provides the OOXML (Office Open XML), Open Document and Multi-Touch support to format.

It contains twelve different editions for Three boxed (for retail outlets), Two boxed (for Volume listening Channels), five subscription based (for update), web application edition and Office RT (for tablets and mobile devices).

images (9)The version is more cloud based than other versions as the default save location is User’s SkyDrive. It supports ISO/IEC 29500, OASIS (Open Document Format), ISO 32000 (PDF), Open Office XML Strict. It also has the capability of inserting video and audio from online sources as well as broadcasting on the Web. It also have the synchronization of document between computers using bookmarking feature. This don’t have Microsoft Visio, MicroSoft Project and MicroSoft SharePoint WorkSpace in these 12 editions.

  1. images (7)

    New Attractive Start Screen

  2. New Grahical Option

  3. Freely Motion of the Images

  4. New look of MicroSoft Outlook
  5. New Slide Designs, Animations and Transition in Power-Point

Removed Features : The Micro-Soft has removed some Features from version 2013. they are :

  1. 1Microsoft clip Organizer
  2. Picture Manager

  3. Chart Styles of 2007 and 2010

  4. Ability to Insert 3D cone, Pyramids

  5. Older WordArt objects

  6. Custom XMl markup

  7. ADP (Access Data Project)

  8. Jet 3.x IISAM Support


  9. Database Support

  10. OWC Control

  11. Support to Visio Drawing
  12. Outlook Mobile Search

  13. Import and Export Ability

Update and Licience :


The Version of Micro-Soft has come in market in 12 editions so each edition has its own update feature. Retail and Rt edition are everlastingly licenced to one computer, Volume Listeninh Channel is also everlasting for one pc but can be used for more than one system. Subscription edition is licenced for many PC on annual basis and has on-the-fly feature. The web-application edition is freely available or on charge.

The MicroSoft Office 2013 is not available on CD or DVD or can’t be buy from market. So you have to purchase a key card that allows you to download the software and can be install on one PC only for entire life and can’t be transfer to another system.

Operating System : It can be run of the following Operating Systems.


  1. Window 7

  2. Window 8

  3. Window RT

  4. Window Server 2008 R2

  5. Window Server 2012

  6. Newly Windows

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