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Digital Technology Making Communication better

What is Digital technology ???


Digital technology is a digital system that use binary or digital logics. The technology uses discrete methods to represent and convey the information. The every information in this technology is represented digitally by the use of two digits either 1 or 0. the technology is historical in nature and uses the computer, telephone, and television to represent the information. The technology uses the digital signals that don’t degrade over time i.e. The information can be copied very easily. The technology requires very small amount of the space to storea large amount of the information. The binary digigt have two logic ON(denote 1) or OFF (denote 0). these simple logic can make high complex circuits or integrated circuits. This technology involves the use of micro-controller or a micro-processor and some program that runs on it to make decisions. Binary digits are the communication way for the computer as the computer only understand the language of binary digits (0 or 1). the grouping of the binary digits amke the words for the computer understanding like 0110101010 or 1000110 etc.

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Digital technology breaks every information in the series of the 1s or 0s and then transfer it to other device that translate it to the original information. Digital signals consists of the pattern that uses the grouping of bits. This pattern produce a specific code. All the information is processed by the computer in the form of binary values.

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How does the Technology works ???


The technology works on the pricipal of the digitization in which any analog signal is processed in the form of binary digits ( 0 or 1 ). so for this two type of steps are used. First is analog to digital convertization and other is digital to analog convertization.

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Analog to Digital Convertization (ADC):

This step uses the one encoder equipment that is known as analog to digital convertor (ADC). In this the first the analog signal like audio, video, files and folder, pictures, text, graphics and any other other type of data is fed to ADC. Before fedding to ADC, the samples of the analog signal are made that is known as sampling. Now this analog signal samples are then converted (quantized) into continuously varying signals. These signals have range of amplitude and frequencies. Now these continuously varying signals are then converted into a sequence of digital values known as digital signals (Samples) . These signals are represented in the form of binary digits of 0s or 1s. We use two factors to decide the accuracy of these digital signals converted from the analog signals. One is maximum rate of sample and another is number of bits used to sample. The digit 0 represents a non-positive state while the 1 represents the positive state. This conversion is take out because if you want to connect a phone and computer then they both are unable to make a transmission because the telephone operates on analog signals and the computer works on the digital signals.


Digital to Analog Convertization (DAC):

This step uses a decoder named as Digital to analog convertor (DAC)that converts the digital signal of step 1 into analog signal to represent to the user as user is only able to understand the analog signals. Now the digital signal is fed to DAC through some Noise Detector that are used to remove any kind of the noise containing into analog signals. Now this distortion free digital signal is used by the DAC that convert the digital signal this is in the form of 0s or 1s. Every samples are recovered by thie convertor to analog signal. Now the analog signal thus received is used by humans to processed. But in this step, all the high-frequency pulses are removed so that the received signal don’t loss any kind of information from it.

As the effect of this conversion, Sampling noise and Reconstruction noise are combined in the final signal, due to this the original signal lost its form and even after reconstruction of the signal perfectly, some kind of information surely lost.

Why do we need the Technology ???

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Every thing in the world is converting in digital media, even you are talking, walking and precessing every activity by the digital media. The technology is being so much advance that you can’t be beyond the limit.

It has following points :

  1. The power of connectivity

  2. The collision of the real and virtual worlds

  3. The imperative of insights

  4. For making proper communication overa long distance

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Benefits of the Digital Technology :

 As the digital technlogy works on the principle of binary digits, so it have following advantages.

  1. It is faster and easier.

  2. No paper is required

  3. The storage of message can be last longer in the device without any damage

  4. It can be done over a long distance throught internet or other media

  5. It is cheaper and required less labour efforts

  6. Don’t have any Semantic barriers

  7. Save lot of time and money bt providing video conferencing

  8. Recovery at destination without any distortion unlike analog signals

  9. More privacy and security due to encryption

  10. Well effective error correction techniques

  11. Easy to use and apply multiplexing methods

  12. Transmission rates can be change more effectively

  13. flexible hardware implementation

  14. It can carry a huge amount of information by compressing

  15. Reliability and availability

Disadvantages of the Technology :

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Technology also has some disadvantages like :

  1. Unrecognization og message signature

  2. Harmfulness of the quick delivering of message by single click

  3. Same font usages with human touch

  4. Electronic waste

  5. No relaxation area

  6. Misuse of the technology br sending hoax messages

So the digital communication is very essential to make every thing proper working as now the world is completely based on the technology. The digital is far better than analog as analog make the communication unsecure and costly as well as time consuming but with the use of the digital technology, you make a better, secure and timely communication with much less efforts. This is impacting the people or society by provind the luxurious life as well as not proving the time for itself a sit is very addiction but simplify the work.


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