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Track someone with GPS Technology

What is GPS ???


the Online tracking technology used to track the object termed as GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS technology uses a satellite-based navigation system that give the place and time information in all-weather conditions. It is a network that uses 24 orbiting satellites that are very far from earth. These satellite lobster the object from any distance and then transfer the information to the system attached to it with wirelessly. You can receive the signals form these satellites because they continuously round 60 degree north and 60 degree south. They work for 24 hours a day, 7 days in week, whole years to send the information about tracking of object.


How does GPS work ???


GPS system uses satellite system to transfer the information or signals. These signals the are received by the GPS receivers installed on the earth. When they receive the information, they use triangulation to measure the exact place of the object. The signal transmitted has some information like pseudo-random-code, ephemeris data and almanac data. This code is used to identify the I.D.. Code (Satellite information). The ephemeris data is continuously transmit to find the status of the satellite and current time and date. As without this GPS receiver would not be able to detect the current position of the object. Almanac data is used to determine the orbital information of the satellites. This all information is used to set the GPS’ time.


Now to detect the object, the GPS receiver compare the transmitted signal’s time with the receiver’s time. Based on the comparison, the position of the satellite is determined. If we use more than one satellite’s information then we can triangulate the correct position. This is called 2D inspection. If we use more than 3 satellite, then can determine the 3D position including altitude which is not determine with 2D information as 2D information can determine only longitude and latitude. If all the system work correctly and accurately then we can determine the speed and direction of the observing object.


These all signals are broadcast regularly using Radio signals that uses two frequencies L1 and L2. These radio signal travel at light speed and reach to earth. So these signal must be reach to GPS receivers through direct line as they can’t penetrate particles and obstacles.


Two types of codes are transmitted on these frequencies. One is C/A code that is used for civilian GPS users and provide standard position with 95% accuracy for 15 meter horizontal and another is P code that is used for military purposes and provide precise position.

Why should use them ???


The GPS system can be used for many purposes as you can track and lobster all the activities of the object form your place, so it would be beneficial for you to install the GPS device. There are many points for using them.

1. To navigate the Land, Sea and Air

2. For Mapping and Surveying

3. For automobiles

4. For military purposes

5. In transport mediums


What are the errors with GPS ???


There are many things that decrease the accuracy of GPS system. The particles along the way of signals is one of the reason. Another reason may be distortion of signal due to electrical or GPS receiver. If the data coming from satellite is not accurate then also the errors would come.

There are some possible way for GPS errors :


1. Geometric of satellite : the geographical structure of the satellite may affect the GPS accuracy. This problem is known as GDOP i.e. Geometric Dilution of precision (refers to horizontal and vertical measurements like altitude, longitude and latitude). Is it generally point out to the relation between the connecting satellite. So if the distance between the satellite is better then the measurement of signal would also be better. Another factor is of TDOP i.e. Time Dilution of Precision referring to clock offset of the satellite.

2. Selective Availability : it is refers to the error which comes when the accuracy of the GPS decrease due to problem in GDOP and TDOP.


How does GPS benefit us ???

the GPS system can help in tracking tour object and provide the data of all the activity of that object. There are many points due to which the GPS can benefits us.

1. Due to fast speed

2. Provide good mapping skills

3. Provide good direction help

4. Make the navigation better

5. Avoidance of Traffic

Tracking Methods : There are two tracking methods available.


1. Cellular based tracking : you can track someone with your cell phone having GPS system. It would be good as you can make it with your hand-held device.

2. GPS tracking : This can track your object by using satellite help and provide accurate and exact information of your object.


Difference between Cellular tracking and GPS tracking ???

There are many differences between both technology.

1. Network : Cell phone signals depend on carrier’s network and thus are secure and directly transmitted to the device while GPS signal use the satellite signals and are more accurate.


2. Information : Cell phone data is generally Photographs while GPS data is related to speed, direction, time and others.

3. Signaling : Cell phone tracking is not good as they are used for talking and texting so these function interfere with tracking while GPS is not interrupt as they use radio signals.


4. Undetected tracking : For cell phone tracking, the turn-on of the cell phone is necessary and someone can know about the tracking device installed near them but using GPS tracking you can track someone secretly around the clock. 


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