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Credit Card Skimming !!! A way of Cyber Crime

What is credit card Skimming???


Credit Card Skimming is the way of hacking that is generally come in the cyber crime category. It generally happens with the help of ATM machine and have become very common. In today’s technical world, the safety techniques are being attacked as we usually pay the money by using Credit card, Debit card and by other means. These all way are attacking point generally. Thus card skimming is the copying the credit card information illegally from the magnetic strips of the Debit or Credit cards. They steal your account information and then misuse that to make a fake card and then harm you financially. Due to this, the victim is generally unaware of such type of hacking.

How does the Skimming work???


Skimming is generally happens with the help of some skimming devices. These devices are installed on the machine and their parts.

Three methoda are used for that.

  1. ATM Skimming using faceplates : This include the installation of faceplates over the card slot of any ATM machine which is used for credit or debit cards access. These faceplates usally contain hardware that can read the magnetic strip befor entering original ATM card slot. They can then use your card information without returning to ATm machine as they can use wireless technology to track your information.


  1. Replacing or modifying of pinpads at retail stores : In this, the pinpads of the retail stores are used. In this, the PIN of the pinpad is changed and recorded by some hidden cameras.
  1. Using Skimming devices on machines : Skimming using a handheld device is very easy to happen. These skimming devices are installed into the ATM machines that capture every information regarding the card.


How can you prevent credit card skimming???

The detection of credit card skimming helps you in securing your data and money. This can be done by following methods.

  1. Inspect the ATM machine and its area : when you use your card, inspect ATM machine and its area before the use of card. Also make sure that any other devices are not installed on the machine.
  2. Match the ATM : when you use the ATM, match it with other machine. If they both are same, then use them.
  3. Avoid the use of PIN at the gas pump : when you use your debit/credit card, always choose the credit option as in this case you only have to enter the billing ZIP code rather than PIN code.
  4. Keep your account tracked : if you think that you are skimmed then keep knowledge about your Account information regularly.
  5. Always hide the number pad : Even if you are alone at ATM machine, always hide the number pad with your hand as might it be track with some hidden camera.credit6
  6. Ensure accurate transaction : make sure that your transaction is accurate and every thing is okey.


Thus by using some awareness you can avoid the skimming. You should use cash payment rather than swapping your card. This will help your safety form skimmers. Always inpect the machine and area of machine.


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