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Cybercrime !! A illegal access to your privacy

Cybercrime :

The protection of the privacy of a person or business in now-a-days is very essential activity that is maintained by the organization to keep its information private. But now many invade methods are applied to break this. So the breaking the security by illegal activity using technology network to gather the confidential data is common. This is known as cyber – crime. This hacking of confidential data by illegal mean is done for the unauthorised use. This is generally done with some software to steal the data, identities, personal information that can be used for criminal purposes. These criminal activity can put the autorised person in trouble as victim have to deal all the problem created by these unauthorised processes.


Cyber crime is not only dealing with personnal information but the hackers also atteck the business to steal the financial information. they also steal the client information to harm by comptetitors.


The cybercrime methods include :

  1. Hacking :

images (6)

It is the unauthorised access to the someone’privacy without its permission and knowledge.

  1. Denial of Services :images (1)

The Denial of service is refer to the attack to the bandwidth of the person’s network and fill its mail-box with a bunch of spam mails. This is done to deprive them to what the spammer want.

  1. Virus Attack

images (4)

Virus attack is made possible by using some software that are malicious and contains harmful files and data.

  1. Software Piracy

images (5)

This include the illegal copy of the software showing it genuine version and program it with the harmful or melicious files.

  1. Pornography

Generally the people surf the web and mostly access the porn sites. Today’s mouse trapping technology the hackers encourse the people to access the websites with pornographic content.

  1. IRC crime

images (3)

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) crime is done with the sharing of hacker’s techniques by the hackers with the people in the chat server where the open chat rooms are provided to chat with people worldwide.

  1. Credit Card fraud


In this a fake website like the original site is designed and customer is brought to it ensuring that this is the secure website. When customer enters the information regarding the bank’s account, it goes to that pirated website and hacker then access that information. This can also be done by credit card skimmer or ATM machine.

  1. Phishing

images (2)

Phising is the acquiring confidential bank/financial information using some deceptive mean by sending mails that redirect the client to fake website looking very identical to the legitimate website.

  1. Spoofing


Spoofing is defimed as using your confidential and private data by sending a message conating a fake IP to acquire your E-mail information. This can be done by fake Identity, E-mail, Fake website etc.

  1. Cyber Stalking


This include the direct talking to the customer by sending fake email, follwing someone on the internet, using chat media and others.

  1. Salami Attack:


In this method, the attacker install such program on the client’s computer that deduct small amount form their account per month or par day. In this case, no one make complain and hacker receives very huge ammount every day or every month.

Way to stop it???

  1. Common Sense Web Safety
  2. Protect yourself from spyware
  3. Conceal your search habits
  4. Anonymous Surfing
  5. Upgrade your System security
  6. Upgrade your facebook security
  7. Upgrade gmail security
  8. Be aware about bank’s new policy
  9. Don’t install unknown program
  10. Use mail Filter
  11. Don’t Open Spam Mail
  12. Use some encrypting methods to secure your mail and data.
  13. Think before giving your private data on website

So the cybercrime is continuously increasing and making the people harm so be aware about the cybercrime. They may attack you by anyone of mean and steal your private information so update your system security features and surf the internet safely.


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