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QR code Technology !! A bit Advance then Barcode

What are QR Codes???


The QR code is like a normal barcode that are printed or displayed on a product and play the same functionality as the normal barcodes do. The QR codes stands for Quick Response code that are two dimensional bar code and developed in 1994 in japan.

These codes are much effective because they contains more information unlike normal bar codes. They contain information about product,links to websites, a text message, and other actions that interect with apps of your mobile device like facebook.

QR codes are open format codes that are available for free.

QR codes are most often used for links to websites but if you want a change in the information then you can contains the phone numbers and can send the message or call to your friends.

As the offline advertising by newspaper is completely depend on the space for your advertise on the paper and generally limited and expensive. QR codes solve this problem as all the necessary information about your company and product can be captured into a single image that is a QR code.


Why the QR codes are so popular???

QR codes are very popular in businesses due to following reasons.

  1. They convey much information about the company and product.
  2. Due to QR codes the intrusion of smart phones have been driven forward.
  3. They implement the way of offline marketing.
  4. They attract the people to the internet for more information due to links in the QR codes.
  5. QR code readers can be download to the mobile phones having camera and web features.
  6. They are small in size and can be hide in attarctive image in newspapers, magazines or other inventory.
  7. These are completely legel and ISO approved.
  8. Measurable by smart phones, size doesn’t matter.


Storage Capacity :

The storage capacity of the QR codes vary depending on the required characters.

For Numeric characters, you can provide max. 7089 characters.

For Alphanumeric characters, max. 4296 characters can be added.

Max. 2953 bytes can be used for Binary information.

Error Correction capability :

There are four level to check the error correction capability of the QR codes. These level decide the density of the image of QR code. This improves the printing size. Low level improve the density and high level improve the damage sustainablity.

Level L : up to 7% damage

Level M : up to 15% damage

Level Q : up to 25% damage

Level H : up to 30% damage


Level L or Level M represent the best compromise betwen density and damage for general marketing purpose. While Level Q or Level H are used for industrial environment where the cleanness or un-damageness of the image is necessary.

The QR codes also introduce a story that more data you would put, the more rows and columns would be added to the image of QR code to compensate the increased load. Also the increasing error correction level, would also increase the rows and columns in image to store the original data and back-up codes even the image contains same website URL.

What is Hardlinking???

When a user with smartphone having the QR code reader application scans the image of QR code and translate it to reveal the link, then it open the URL into its browser. This act of linking from physical world objects to the technology is terms as hardlinking or physical world hyperlinks.

How can we read the QR codes???

A barcode is read by scanner that is composed of three parts. First one is illuminator, second one is decoder, and third one is sensors or convertors. First scanner illuminate the Image using the illuminating system and then detects the red light returing from it using sensor. When the light is dectected , an analog signal having varying voltages is generated. These varying voltage indicate the varying intensity of reflected light. Now using converter the analog signal is converted into digital signal. This digital signal is then interpreted by the decoder. Now this interpreted information is fed to attached computer.

But iin case of QR reader the decoder sends the signal to mobile phone rather computer. QR code reader that is installed in your device contains illuminator i.e. a red light that is used to decode the image. Thus you are able to read the information that the image contains.

How are the QR codes made???

When You see the QR code image, you would see black squares and white squares. These squares are called module. Every QR code contains some modules that must be covered so that they can be scaned. Otherwise they won’t scan.


The three large squares in red color are used as position markers. These tell the code scanner about the end points of the images. One small red square is a alignment marker that is used to refer the scanner pointer. All the large squares also contains various such types of small squares. The red strip indicate timing patterns and position of the rows and columns. The green section shown determines the format. It is used to tell the scanner whether it is going to scan a text or an URL or symbols/numbers.

The blue section shows the version number depending the number of module. As more the number of module, higher the version (up to v40).

How are these QR codes used???

These QR codes can be used in various ways.

  1. Inserting a link to your product information
  2. link to video
  3. link to your facebook, twitter account
  4. Use it on your business card
  5. Use them for product packaging
  6. Use for company events

QR content :

  1. link to website
  2. adding of text message
  3. contact information
  4. mail information
  5. vcard

Thus this is much advance to bar code technology.


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