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Barcode Technology !! A new way of business Tracking

What is Bar Code Technology???

The Barcode technology is widely used in the whole world as it has completely changed the business tracking and finding the information of the product and customer. This war code technology just uses the bar codes or UPC (Universal Product Code) that are found on any lavel providing the information of that product. These bar codes are used at the place of the Price Tags. As these bar codes provide more accurate information.
Now a days, mnay businesses use the barcodes on their items rather than pricing sticker or tags. This helps in quick checking of the product’s information as one only have to scan this barcode using scanner. If the barcode is faded or either tempered, then only the checker have to put the barcode number manually into the register or computer to check the information mentioned on it.




Bar code

How does it work???

When a bar code reader read it, it scan its bar code information by reading its bars and spaces between the bars. The numbers written at the bottom of the UPC laver is only for the humen beings. Now the scanned information is sent to computer where the records related to that information is found such as price, store of the item and other information.

How does the barcode help the company???

As with the scanner help, the gathering of the information is much faster, the barcode decreases the labour cost and keeps the information more accurate. The scanning also reduces the chances of errors. Also the stock information of the item is available in exact quantity. Bar code collect the information faster than employee. The cost of the equipment can also be recovered very soon by reduction of work hours and employee required.

How does the barcode help the customer???

As the barcode technology help the company in keeping the records of the product in their database, the customer can be provided with item required by them. Also this technology minimize the price tag error that are made during the leveling of price tags. This would also help in getting correct and quality product.

This technology is widely used now-a-days in college for library management, in grocery stores and many other places. These UPC numbers are unique and can’t be reproduced so this ensures the purity of product.

How do we read these barcodes???

To read these bar codes, a laser barcode scanner is used. This scanner is sometime called barcode reader. This is widely used over the typical LED scanner because the laser barcode are easily available and ability to scan the barcode from a greater distance in comparison to LED scanner. Also laser scanner are mobiles so they can also track the barcode remotely. Laser barcode reader also read teh barcode at very accuracy and save time. The barcode scanner read the barcodes by illuminating the code with red light. For this the illunimating system is used. The illuminating system is the method that is used to illuminate the bar and spaces between bars. After illuminating the sensor of the barcode scanner detects the reflected light from the illuminating system. Now the analog signal is generated contains voltage with varing intensity. Now the analog signal is converted into digital signal. This digital signal is then received by the decoder. Now the decoder deodes that signal by decipherable methods and then convert it into ASCII text and then format the text. After formatting, the data is fed to the computer attached to it.


The barcode scanner are capable of managing multiple scanning functions because the laser used in this technology is of very low energy and focused through a specific lens. Thus they ensure the safety and easy of use.
There are many barcode readers :

1. Pen Type Readers : Consists of Light-Sourse and Photo Diode
2. Laser Scanners : Same as Pen type but uses laser beam
3. CCD Readers : Uses an array of hundreds of tiny light sensors
4. Camera-Based Readers : Uses small video camera to capture an image
5. Omni-Directional Barcode Scanners : Uses a series of straight or curved scanning lines of varying directions
6. Handheld Scanner : Consists of handle and a trigger button for switching on the light source
7. Stationary Scanner : Consists of wall or table mounted scanners
8. Fixed Position Scanner : Used for quality management and shipping
9. PDA Scanner : A PDA with a built-in barcode reader
10. Automatic Reader : A back Office equipment to barcodes at high speed about 50,000/hr


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