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How to Enable the Right Click on any Disabled website

Sometimes you find that you wanted to copy the content from any website and you could not. This is Because some site owners put some java script code. that java script code help the web page in disabling the right click on the website and prevent you to copy their content.

But you can copy their content form such type of websites.

For Firefox users :

First go to Tools –> then go to Option menu then a window pops-up –> then choose Content Tab.

Now Unchecked the Enable Java Script check box. now click OK.

For IE Users :

Go to Tools –>Internet Option –>Security Tab –>Click Custom Level –>Find the Scripting of java Script Section –> Now Disable it –> OK

For Chrome Usesr :

In the address Type : chrome://settings/content

And enter:

Now Find the JavaScript Section and Choose Don’t Allow option and click OK.


Go to Setting and click on advance setting the click on Content Setting.

Now Find the javascript section and Choose Don’t Allow option and click OK.

For Apple Safari :

Go to Security and find JavaScript section and disable the Javascript option. And then Click OK.

For Opera :

Go to Setting and  Select Quick Preferences and then Disable the javascript option.

For  Netscape Navigator:

Go to Edit from the top menu and Select Preferences then Select Advanced after that

Select Scripts & Plugins and disable JavaScript checkbox. Now Click OK.

Now You can copy the content.


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